Annotated Bibliography: Cost of Prejudice and Descrimination

Annotated Bibliography

Bowman-Kruhm, Mary, and Claudine G. Wirths. Coping with Discrimination and Prejudice. New York: The Rosen Publishing Group. 2000. Print.

The researchers discuss the issue of discrimination and analyze the ways of coping with it. Prejudice and discrimination are thoroughly described. The difference between prejudice and discrimination is explained and analyzed. Moreover, the book explains why discrimination and prejudice are negative notions and why people need to overcome them. Information in the book is relevant to the topic of my essay. I used it as the supporting data for my essay, in order to prove the negativity of prejudice and discrimination.

Dovidio, John F. et al. The SAGE Handbook of Prejudice, Stereotyping and Discrimination. Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publications Ltd. 2010. Print.

In the book, the researchers describe such relevant issues as prejudice, discriminastion, and stereotyping. They explain why people must avoid discrimination and prejudice and how they can learn to think without stereotyping. The information I found in the book is directly related to the topic of my essay. I used it as the supporting data for my point of view, which presumes a fact that prejudice against one person leads to the inadequate feelings towards the whole group of peole with the similar features of character or body.

Fishbein, Harold D. Peer Prejudice and Discrimination: The Origins of Prejudice. Hove: Psychology Press. 2002. Print.

The author analyzes a social side of prejudice and discrimination. The book offers the thorough analysis of the influence of prejudice on one’s the personality. The author analyzes the reasons of prejudice and discrimination and claims that they cannot be tolerated by the company in the workplace because they can lead to the lower income and loss of the valuable co-workers. The information in the book is related to the topic of my essay, and I used it to suport my point of view that every company must find a way to deal with prejudice and discrimination in the workplace.

Lau Chin, Jean. The Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination: Bias Based on Gender and Sexual Orientation. Vol. 3. Westport: Greenwood Publishing Group. 2004. Print.

The author discusses the bias, which is based on sexual orientation and gender in general, as well as their effect on the formation of discrimination. The author explaines the role of inflexible attitude of a person in the establishment of prejudice, which leads to discrimination. The author proves the irrationality of inflexible attitude towards people. He thoroughly analyzes the consequences of discrimination and prejudice. The information I found in the book was useful for my essay and I used it as supporting data to prove that discrimination and prejudice are the result of irrational attitude of a person.

Whitley, Bernard and Kite Mary. The Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination. Stamford: Cengage Learning. 2009. Print.

The researchers analyze a psychological side of prejudice and discrimination. The book offers a thorough review of the research made in this area of study. The researchers analyze the role of gender, race, and sexual orientation in the formation of prejudice. The authors show that discrimination against ethnic minorities can lead to such consequences as genocide of the whole nation. The solutions how to stop prejudice and discrimination are offeed by the authors as well. The information I found in the book is relevant to my essay. I used it as the evidence for my essay in order to prove that prejudice and discrimination lead to serious consequences and even can result into massive genocide.

Zastrow, Charles. Social Problems: Issues and Solutions. Belmont: Wadsworth. 2000. Print.

The author discusses social problems, which are related to the prejudice and discrimination. The book offers a range of solutions for the problems created by prejudice and discrimination. The book is related to the topic of my research. I used it to support my essay with the evidence that majority groups discriminate minority groups in order to maintain superiority.

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