Motivation Letter: Geneva Business School

Motivation Letter

As long as I remember myself, I have always thought about becoming a person whom my native country Kazakhstan would be proud of. I realised that I lived in the developing country that is still on the path to the economic prosperity. Born in the family of the businessmen, I realised that holding position in the economic sector of the country may have a real impact on the country’s wealth. Therefore, I recognised that I want to become a businessman in the future and contribute to the progress of Kazakhstan.

The first step to make my dreams come true was taken when I entered the University of Buckingham. After four years of studying there, I have acquired sufficient knowledge in Business Economics and also improved my English. During my studying at the University of Buckingham, I also gained some practical skills in the business field. Between my studying sessions, I worked at the department of Small and Medium Business consultations in the Russian Bank. There, I developed my skills in accounting and taxation. Besides, I took a training period in my parents’ business. There, I held the position of agriculture holdings assistant in financial analytics. Working in the business field made me firmly convinced of my desire to become involved in business in the future.

Still, I realize that one needs to improve constantly to be successful in the business world. The constantly changing business market is a challenging environment. Besides the economic knowledge I have acquired so far, I need to learn to face the challenges of the modern business. That is possible through developing leadership and management skills and enhancing administration knowledge. Therefore, I want to continue my education at Geneva Business School to obtain a BBA degree and major in International Management.

I have chosen Geneva Business School as an institution of learning because of the three main reasons. First, it has high academic and professional standards, and combines American university model with best European management practices. Being accustomed to high European standards of education, I wish to remain at the same academic level and be ready to advance. As far as I know, Geneva Business School is recognised for excellence and accredited by a number of European accreditation bodies. Second, it has small class sizes. I believe that I can best fulfil my potential through personal interaction with professors and coursemates. It will also be favourable for improvement of my leadership skills. Third, the School offers an international environment of studying. That is one of the most attractive options for me. I am persuaded that learning to communicate with people from different cultures will help me to deal with different business entities in the future.

After I graduate from Geneva Business School, I expect to advance my business, economic and managerial skills. I hope to acquire the knowledge about the basics of the business ethics and entrepreneurial initiative in different cultural environments. I am going to enhance my knowledge about the efficient business practices in the current global business market. I gave my assurance to the School’s Admissions Board that I would optimise my time at Geneva Business School to advance my skills. I will use all my skills to optimise my studies. This will be valuable upon my return to Kazakhstan where I intend to expand my parents’ business to fit in the international market structure. Equally, I will be a good ambassador for the university on my return to Kazakhstan. I hope my knowledge and experience will contribute to Kazakhstan becoming one of the most developed countries in the world.

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