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How Many Hours of Sleep You Should Have

More and more people these days are anxious about their health. They try to learn much significant information regarding physical fitness. Basically, young generation nowadays devotes pretty much time for physical exercises and going to gyms in order to be in a good shape. Nevertheless, doing lots of physical exercises is not the only requirement that keeps oneself fit and healthy. Healthy people are not the ones who keep themselves in shape. Rather healthy individuals constantly focus not only on their physical fitness, but also on physical fitness. It is of a great importance to plan your time in such a way that you dedicate enough time to consuming healthy food, doing exercises on a regular basis, attending Yoga courses, and taking rest. Getting enough relaxation is actually one of the most essential keys to staying healthy. It doesn’t come as a surprise that sleep is an integral element to keep a person healthy. The number of hours you invest in your sleep every day determines the level of your health. Not long ago, a survey on finding out how many hours of sleep are needed to keep your health in a good state was conducted by National Sleep Foundation. In accordance with the results, the appropriate amount of sleep as well as rest is extremely vital to replenish not only your physical, but also mental health. Not having had a good sleep in the night means that you will get up exhausted and tired in the morning. Consequently, your health together with productivity decrease more and more with every single day. This leads to physical tiredness. Apart from that, you feel the lack of appetite and problems with clear thinking. In addition, you will find it hard to make decisions, get concentrated, etc. Experts state that sleeping less than 5 hours causes a lot of sleep disorders, heart diseases, obesity and weight gain. As a matter of fact, you ought to be aware of how many sleeping hours you need for remaining sound both physically and mentally. Charles Czeisler, a professor at Harvard University, decided to conduct a research concerning the exact amount of sleep that is required. He was doing the study from 2004 till 2014. So, a whole decade was devoted to the problem. The objectives were evaluated and the precise amount of time that won’t make any bad impact on one’s health was discovered.

These are the recommended hours of sleep depending on the certain stages of development:

  • Newborn: 14-17
  • Babies: 12-15
  • Children: 11-14
  • Preschool: 10-13
  • School age: 9-11
  • Teens: 8-10
  • Youth: 7-9
  • Seniors: 7-8

Bear in mind that these outcomes are generalized, therefore sleeping hours of some individuals might be different from the ones written in this table. Actually, it depends on their bodies. All in all, sleeping less hours than was mentioned above can pose a huge threat to your overall health.

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