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Video games have gained their immense popularity since their very moment of inception back in the 1970s. There are many controversies whether video games have more of a positive or a negative influence on players. On the one hand, many people are against video games as, in their opinion, games negatively affect eyesight and make people addicted to playing. On the other hand, it was proven that video games improve hand-eye coordination.


Actually, we have come up with fifteen different ways how playing video games is beneficial.


  1. Good for surgeons

    According to the recent study, it was revealed that surgeons that spend at least three hours per week playing video games make fewer errors and can better do tiny incisions.

  2. Help people suffering from dyslexia

    As many of those who have dyslexia suffer from attention deficit, video games that involve much action and require intense focus can help improve attention.

  3. Some of them help one’s vision

    According to some studies that have been recently conducted, certain video games can help restore one’s vision, e.g. help differentiate between many shades of some color, etc.

  4. Improve career prospects

    Some video games help one develop leadership traits, make quick decisions, etc. Therefore, people who are frequently engaged in playing such types of games can perform better at work, especially in a team.

  5. Games make players interested in history

    Many video games are based on real historical events. Thus, by playing such games, gamers get more familiar with different specifics of certain historical periods/ events/ persons, etc.

  6. Video games impact positively on real-life interaction

    Video games involving some sports activities may make one interested in those sports in real life. Thus, such people will develop physically as well.

  7. Slow down the aging process

    Video games that involve solving puzzles, memorizing something, and solving problems have been proven to positively impact older players by improving their cognitive brain function.

  8. Ease both physical and mental pain

    Video games serve as a powerful distractor from pain and other daily problems. Players become so involved into the virtual reality that this special state of mind serves as a painkiller.

  9. Make new friends online

    Playing online video games is a perfect way to establish some new social connections. And who knows who you will play side by side: a CEO of some dream company or some other popular guy? 😉

  10. Improve the feeling of balance among people suffering from multiple sclerosis

    Multiple sclerosis, which is a disorder that has a negative influence on multiple nerves, is deteriorating as people suffering from it have problems with balance. Actually, there are no medications that can help people get rid of it. Still, one study has shown that some video games have a positive influence on MS sufferers: people’s health state was improved after they played some games involving physical interaction while standing on a balance board.

  11. Help in quick decision-making

    The ability to make quick decisions may come to one as a result of playing video games, especially those involving teams and interaction with other gamers.

  12. Games help to fight addictions

    It was estimated that there is a 14 percent reduction in certain kinds of addictions (e.g. overeating, drinking, smoking, etc.) while playing certain puzzle video games.

  13. Eradicate stress

    For many people, video games serve as a refuge from stressful daily routine.

  14. Gamers will hardly ever turn to bullying in real life

    It is a rather controversial statement, but according to some researchers, some action video games reduce one’s wish to bully others.

  15. Help in addressing autism

    People with autism who are sometimes isolated from real-life interaction with their peers may be involved in video games playing, where they can incorporate functions of the entire body to control movement in the game.
    If you doubt whether these benefits are real, try playing some video game ad check it out whether it has more advantages or disadvantages for you.