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Should Boxing Be Banned?

Introduction Sports violence is described as the commitment of physical acts beyond the expected level in contact sports such as boxing, martial arts, soccer, and rugby. Doctrinally, acts of violence are typically classified into those that have been intentionally inflicted, and those which have been done inadvertently. Nevertheless, the outcomes of sports violence are typically […] Read more >>

Career Road Map: Sports Psychologist or Coach

The purpose of this paper is to develop a “career road map” exploring possible career options of interest, i.e., the career as a sports psychologist or coach. The paper will discuss various aspects of these jobs compared to their own personalities and interests. Also, the interview with professionals in this field will help to analyze […] Read more >>

Overpaid Athletes

Professional sport has long since become more than just players and viewers. Nowadays it is business with qualified managers, marketing strategies and, of course, high salaries. However, revealed in the media, the sums that professional athletes get, provoke vivid discussions. Increasing with every next season, athletes’ salaries have exceeded the salaries of CEOs at leading […] Read more >>

How To Become Formula One Driver

Formula One is one the fastest and yet the most expensive sports. This sport gives an action, unpredictable rivalry both within a team and among other teams participating in the championship. Formula One gives the thrill and feeling of speed. It has changed the perception of driving as it presents driving as an art. The […] Read more >>

Small-Sided Games

Soccer is considered to be one of the most famous sports games among young people nowadays and small-sided games are an integral part of this kind of sport. This kind of soccer seems to be rather interesting and sometimes weird. Nevertheless, it has many advantages. To start with, small-sides games are “soccer games with fewer […] Read more >>

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