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The vast majority of women aren’t satisfied with their hair condition. They are dreaming about a personal hairstylist or colorist (better both), everyday well-groomed hairdo, and perfect manageable locks. Though, most of such dreams end when we realize how much money one should spend on oils, masks, conditioners, shampoos, and sprays. NONSENSE! There is a bunch of affordable hair care tips you can follow outside a beauty salon. Learn simple rules concerning your hair treatment that will make it shiny and glossy.

Healthy hair in home conditions isn’t a far-fetched dream anymore. We will reveal you effective rules observed by each leading hair experts. Your hair needs a special care. There is no excuse for avoiding hair care rituals.

Don’t “overwash” your hair. Dermatologists and stylist confirm that excessive hair wash isn’t favorable for your hair. When it comes to shampooing, there is quite a personal approach to each individual. Though, washing your hair too often may lead to undesirable consequences such as make it dry or prone to breakage.

Spread shampoo and wash it off correctly. The health of your tresses also depends on a way a person applies shampoo to hair and then washes it off. First of all, spread shampoo evenly on the top of your wet hair by patting or if you want gliding it along your scalp. Your primary aim is to clean a scalp, not the end of your hair. After gently massaging your scalp for a while and spreading a shampoo along your hair, wash it off with warm (not hot) water.

Apply conditioner to a towel-dry hair only. In order to soften your luscious locks, apply hair conditioner every time after shampooing your hair. After you’ve rinsed out shampoo, dry your hair with the help of a towel so you get out of your hair as much water as possible (otherwise, applying conditioner to sopping wet hair won’t bring any effect). Remember that you apply conditioner only to the ends of your hair.

Don’t overheat your hair. Because of the usage of high-heat settings for hair drying, hair straightener, curling iron or a hot roller, we damage it greatly. That is why it is of the utmost importance to remember applying heat protection sprays if you use a hairdryer too often or let your hair dry on its own. Don’t forget to protect your hair in hot weather. Too much of sun has a negative impact on your hair, too.

Nourish your hair to make it healthier and stronger. Well-moisturized hair can be achieved only in terms of proper treatment, which is a time-consuming and meticulous process. To nourish your hair, pay attention to the products you use, to the type of your hair, and a goal you want to achieve: to make it less dry or less oily, to prevent breakage, to make it thicker, to maintain a color of your hair, and etc. Pamper your hair with conditioners, restoring masks, oils, dry shampoo and remember to have your hair cut at least once in 6 weeks.

We wish you to have healthy gorgeous hair, which IS possible if to treat it accordingly.