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5 Tips for Busy Mommies

Children are one of the life’s biggest joys. They are also a hustle. Especially, at an age when motor functions have already developed, but cognitive capabilities are a tiny bit behind. So, what are the top activities for toddlers? Read this article to find out!

    1. Summer joy

Toddlers are not complicated creatures. They like versatile things associated with strong sensations. For instance, a bin full of water or a kiddie pool put outside in the sun can provide hours upon hours of summertime fun. It also helps if you have beach toys. Colorful, textured objects like cups and balls that you child can interact with will keep them busy longer. Just remember that even a little water can be dangerous when two-year-olds are involved, so don’t forget to supervise!

    1. Finger painting

What to do with your toddler when some quiet time should be had? Try art! Finger painting is usually a great activity, but hardly free of mess. Walls may end up covered with paint, but all you need is washable, toxin-free watercolors! With them, you kid can lick the paint and it will be completely OK. You can also try to put some paint in a plastic bag. The very sight of colors moving under a film will be of interest to a toddler, though be aware that even the strongest plastic can burst.

    1. Eat the art

Speaking of edible paint, why not take that literally? Since your child is no longer a baby, apple sauce and other mush-like foods are no longer a necessity. However, they are great substitutes for art supplies, easy to clean if you use plastic, and you can produce as much as needed on demand instead of spending money on specialized products. Simply make some colorful, differently textured mush and enjoy the sight of you kid enjoying themselves.

    1. Homemade maracas

Another thing that toddlers working on developing their sensory perception adore is diverse sounds, especially if they are the ones to produce them. Short of buying expensive music toys, you can create some out of household items. Fill a couple of tightly shut Tupperware containers or plastic bottles, fill them with beans and grain, and you’ll get basic percussion musical instruments!

    1. Tugging skills

Want your child to develop and learn? Children at the age of two are usually focused on motor skills. In order to help them learn to use their hands, parents should provide a lot of things that they can tug and grab. The simplest construction of such a toy consists of a box with a hole in it, a pencil inside, and a ribbon tied around it. Before using, make sure that the lid of the box is secure though. Children tend to get inventive trying to get inside the places they are not supposed to be in.

Hopefully, these fun toddler activity tips will help you engage your child and get on with your other tasks!

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