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National Aviation Day: Aviation History, Celebrations

  • When the holiday is celebrated

On August 19, the country celebrates National Aviation Day. Firstly, this holiday was enacted in 1939. Why was exactly this date chosen? Frankly speaking, Orville Wright, an aviation pioneer, was born on the same day. As a result, National Aviation Day was supposed to coincide with his birthday. Apart from representing the incredible work completed by Orville Wright as well as his brother Wilbur, the holiday encompasses every aspect concerning aviation. As a matter of fact, American people prefer devoting enough time to the celebration of all achievements that became possible due to the aircraft, passenger flights, etc.

  • The history of aviation

On December 17, in 1903, the Wright Brothers achieved a stunning result. They became successful in flying an aircraft for the first time in the world history. In addition, during their flight, they used controllers in order to navigate the plane. The duration of the flight was 12 seconds. Although the travel of the airplane was only 120 feet, the main thing was that it was the first time when the flight was completed thanks to the revolutionary controllers.

Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindbergh and many others were the pioneers who took the advantage of the aircraft technologies. Aircraft that could be controlled allowed organizing commercial flights between certain destinations. In addition, these unbelievable achievements changed the way, in which military forces operate.

  • The enactment of the holiday

In fact, it was President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who decided to officially order the idea that concerns National Aviation Day in 1939. He chose August 19 because of Orville Wright’s birthday. He even lived to see this date and nine years after that.

At first, there were some controversies regarding the date for National Aviation Day among several groups, since the Wright Brothers were considered to be technically not the first ones who experimented with airplanes. Nevertheless, the brothers are believed to be the first who invented flight wings that were fixed. This invention allowed the construction of commercial as well as military aircraft.

  • Celebrations

National Aviation Day is the holiday when people reflect and celebrate the progress in aviation, which is now thought to be the necessity in today’s society. Basically, this holiday is not a public one, that is why all government institutions remain open.

Some communities prefer holding even flight events on this day. To add, others might showcase ancient airplanes so that public has an opportunity to appreciate them. The US Air Force take an active part in celebrating the history of aviation. Enthusiasts enjoy displaying pictures of aircraft to recognize aviation history. What is more, the President gives an order to wave the American flag at all government buildings on August 19.

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