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These warm summer nights are definitely to be enjoyed to the fullest. The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and whole communities stay up late till night to delve into the marvelous summer night atmosphere. Sounds like the most magical time of the year, doesn’t it? Personally, I cannot think of any other time that is more favorable and suitable for movie nights. Therefore, I have listed a few tips that might help you organize such movie nights in your community.

What You Need to Know Before Hosting an Outdoor Movie Night?

  1. Decide on the movie to watch

  2. First and foremost, think of your target audience. If the movie night you are organizing will involve not only your friends and acquaintances, pick a flick that will be generally approved. For example, you might think of some family comedies, romantic movies or other classics that are appealing to all ages. You might want to choose Marley and Me, The Proposal, Mrs. Doubtfire, Despicable Me or any other movies by Pixar or Dreamworks.

  3. Inform people on the gathering

  4. Draft some advertisements or individual invitations to people on your guest list in order to invite them for a movie night. If needed, make sure to provide instructions on what to bring (for example, some blankets, pillows, food, etc.). Make sure you care for other people’s comfort.

  5. Find a projector

  6. If you have nowhere to borrow a projector from, use some services from where you can rent it. Take care of it, as a projector is a thing that is most responsible for the success of a movie night. For sure, there is some place where you can rent it for a small fee: try going to the local library or search for some places in Google. If your budget is not limited and you organize movie nights really often, you may even think of buying it. As soon as you have found the projector, take care of some other required equipment (speakers, cables, etc.).

  7. Get the screen

  8. In case of outdoor movie nights, a white sheet will be a fairly good screen. If you have some extra budget, however, or have some acquaintances who have a canvas cloth, you can borrow it as well. The cloth will be better, as it is more rigid and will thus be less likely to get blown off by wind.

  9. Treats

  10. What kind of movie night is it if there are no sweets, chocolates, chips, beer, and other beverages? I wouldn’t like to go for such movie night, for sure. Therefore, ensure that you bring some treats for people who plan to come (or ask them to bring something they like with them).

All in all, I guess these are the main tips that you should pay attention to before you plan a movie night. In case you want to impress your visitors with some other creative ideas, feel free to search for them on the Internet. Wish you delightful movie watching!

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