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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to apply for the Harvard Campus School of Social Sciences that was advertised in your weekly college magazine on 12th November 2012.

I have for a long time waited for such a wonderful opportunity to arise after developing an interest in your up to date and market demanding courses that you offer. This has become my dream after yearning for a Master’s degree in sociology for three years since I completed my undergraduate studies at Hailey College of Linguistics and Sociology. This will be a good start in advancing my social approach to daily tasks in a multicultural renowned refugee camp. My interest in a Master’s degree in Sociology will definitely enable me to develop strong tactics of solving problems that arise in the sphere of refugee co-existence.

Having succeeded in linguistics and social work in my undergraduate degree, I am experienced in handling my course work effectively alongside other duties. The skills in guidance and counseling which I got in the field, currently are and will be my driving force to accomplish this dream once considered for admission.

My admirable undergraduate performance is as a result of relentless efforts and a strong interest in education. During my last two semesters in college, I was attending classes that made a contribution to my motivation as well as allowed me to realize my potentiality.

I hope you will consider my application because of my keen interest and motivation to get this specialization. I vouch for making a positive impact on your prestigious institution. I am ready to present myself and my original experience at any time.

Yours faithfully, [student’s name]

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