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The Long Side by AdiJaffe

Addiction: The Long Side is a psychological article that was published on 6 September 2011 by Adi Jaffe. It was last reviewed in October this year. This article was chosen because addiction is an issue that has affected many people in society, especially young people. This article looks in detail at the factors that lead to addiction and how one can get out of this addiction.

According to this article, self-sabotage is not a simple act; it is an extremely complex process that turns individuals against their own impulses and thoughts. Although human beings are prone to making different mistakes all the time, they keep trying to correct these mistakes by indulging in or making worse decisions than they had earlier done. Having spent over ten years on studying the varying impacts of drug addiction on a person’s brain, the author discovered that many people who are addicted to the drugs may look okay in front of other people, especially if they are used to smiling, but within their hearts, they recognize they are not worth being in the society.

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Many people indulge in drugs because of frustrations in their lives, probably due to the lack of employment after having successfully gone through education. There are those who do it after they get frustrations from home and even expecting more than their society could offer them. This is why most of those individuals who are affected by drugs are aged between fifteen and thirty-five years. This makes about sixty percent of the country’s population, and these are the individuals who have the power to run the economy appropriately since most of them are learned and with lots of energy and knowledge.

Therefore, the key purpose of this article review is to find out in-depth how the article has addressed the issue of addiction and the solutions it has come up with to help those who have the problem of drug addiction.

This article used the interview as a methodology to collect its data. With the experience of a drug addict, the article writer went to some rehabilitation centers and interviewed other people who were addicted to the same. In these interviews, he aimed at getting information on what had made them end up in the condition they are in and how they are coping with the process of rehabilitation.

As mentioned in this paper, most of those who are affected by drug addiction are the youths. Although there are a few cases of old people who are still addicted to drugs, the highest concern for this problem lies with young people. This is a population of between ten to thirty years of age. This issue has also been caused by peer pressure. Many young people who are below fifteen years are into drugs purely because of peer pressure. They do not recognize that. The progression starts with a simple try and then goes the next; by the time they realize it, they are fully into drugs. According to the findings of this article, all the people who were interviewed about drug addiction admitted that it was easy to get addicted to the drug but very difficult to try to do away with it. For some, it has taken years to go through rehabilitation; still, they feel that they have not completely reformed. They still feel that they require more time in order to fully overcome the addiction.

In addition, the article has also noted that for someone to deal with drug addiction, the rehabilitation process is not the real solution. For someone to get over an addiction, it is more of a willing than not just being pushed to stop taking drugs. That is why it takes a shorter time to overcome addiction for those who have accepted the fact that they are addicted to drugs and want to change. It takes years for those who are always in denial and give excuses for taking drugs saying that they are not addicted to them.

This study can be applied in the real world since those people who are addicted to drugs are the able people of society. Able means that these are the people who have the latest education, and they have the skills and knowledge to drive the economy to great heights. They also have the energy to perform most of those tedious tasks that old people cannot perform. This article is dedicated to them in order to encourage them to try to improve their lives by making them understand that like other people, they are equally important, and the country also requires their services.


In conclusion, the article is appropriate for societies from a different part of the world as it gives argument making people accept the fact that addiction is a disease just like any other one. Therefore, those who have this problem should not be seen as outcasts but should be accepted in society and helped to become better people. This discrimination and rejection by society are what make these people hostile since they look at what led them to the state when they realize that other people are not compassionate with them.

However, this cannot happen when the immediate family of a person addicted to the drug does not appreciate him/her. The family has a big role to play for these persons helping them to change and become accepted back to society.

The problem is that many people who are addicted to drugs still have a problem in admitting that they are addicted. Therefore, it becomes extremely difficult to help them. Therefore, future studies on addiction should try and find better ways of helping these people and develop quicker procedures for rehabilitating the addicts.


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