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In the research, the author has outlined all aspects of Benjamin Franklin’s 13 virtues in light of their practical application on TV.

In the first part of the research, Benjamin Franklin’s life is outlined, and the 13 virtues are discussed in light of the nowadays life.

In the second part, additional attention is paid to the 13 virtues representation on TV: reality shows, movies (on the example of A Raisin in the Sun), and in the news – the core forms of the information representation on the current TV.

The conclusion concerning the changed values of humanity is outlined with the main emphasis put on the need of the information flow “filtration” through the 13 virtues of Benjamin Franklin.

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First of all, in the scopes of this paper, it is important to refer to the background of the 13 virtues developed by Benjamin Franklin and to the core bibliographic aspects of Franklins’ life.

American citizens consider Benjamin Franklin one of the Fathers of America. The plan of 13 virtues was developed by Franklin when he was only 20 years old, in 1726. The following plan of 13 virtues is the plan of the moral perfection for the entire life path, which is supposed to be followed by every representative of the society.

The next issue, which is to be considered in the scopes of this paper, is the bibliographic information about Benjamin Franklin. He was born in 1705 and died at the age of 85 in 1790. Franklin was an outstanding writer, politician, musician, scientist, civic activist, inventor, diplomat, and statesman.

While referring to his scientific activity, it is important to put an emphasis on the fact that Benjamin Franklin is considered a good physicist (for his discoveries in the area of electricity) and American Enlightenment major figure. Franklin stove, lightning rod, bifocals, glass ‘armonica,’ and carriage odometer are his inventions. The set of civic organizations have been facilitated by Benjamin Franklin – and the University Fire department in particular.

The next issue to be outlined in the scopes of this research paper is the 13 virtues, outlined by Franklin, and their explanation in the light of the nowadays life. Also, in order to outline the interrelation between the 13 virtues with the current life and their representation in the television, they would be adapted to the nowadays life understanding in the light of the currently existing problems and values.

13 Virtues of Benjamin Franklin

1. Temperance: “Eat not to dullness; drink not to elevation.”

The core reason for starting the list of Franklin with the temperance is the fact that self-discipline development is a significant start point for the next 12 virtues. A human being is called by the temperance to avoid food or drink overindulgence. Benjamin Franklin considered that, if the individual can manage the food and drink primal urges, the confidence in starting making improvements in other more significant areas of human life would occur.

2. Silence. “Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; Avoid trifling Conversation.”

We are currently living in an era of constant noise and chatter. It is possible to state a fact that the pace has not been completely kept by the polite manners and etiquette due to the fact of the rapid technological development and to the trends of the quick changes in culture. That is why in the light of the virtue of silence, there is a possibility of evaluation of the individuals’ culture while observing the way he/she uses the cell phone, the internet or the customer service. In other words, the individual should learn when “to open his/her mouth” and when not.

3. Order. “Let all your things have their places; let each part of your business has its time.”

If the individual has got the intention of thriving in this world, the order should be developed by him or her. At the same time, in accordance with the laws of physics, “the universe and everything in it tends towards chaos and disorganization.” Franklin has considered that the individual should manage these natural laws and should not choose the path of the least resistance. That is mainly caused by the fact that imbalance in life would be caused by not relying on complex organization systems. That is why it is better to make the small changes in everyday life while correcting the minute deviations from the initially stated purpose. It is important to put an emphasis on the fact that only constant and regular work would bring its fruitful outcomes, but not the random improvements.

4. Resolution. “Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve.”

It is possible to consider the resolution as the firm determination of the set goals accomplishing.

5. Frugality. “Make no expense but to do good to others or yourself; i.e., waste nothing.”

It is possible to state a fact that the rate of savings among US families is low. In other words, the rate of expenditures in average US families exceeds the rate of their savings. Despite the existence of the set of blogs on how to live frugally, there is a simple principle – to spend less than earn.

6. Industry.”Lose no time. Be always employed in something useful. Cut off all unnecessary actions.”

The hallmark of every manly man has been hard work. At the same time, according to history, the industriousness has become an old fashioned trend. In other words, the core values of the current human existence imply quick money, getting rich with the minimal effort spent, etc.: no one wants to work hard in order to make ones’ life better. It is possible to rely on the cult of “The Four Hour Work Week”, which illuminates the value of work in order to support the current trends in employment and professional activity.

7. Sincerity. “Use no hurtful deceit; think innocently and justly, and, if you speak, speak accordingly.”

In the nowadays informational field, it is possible to see the prevalence of sarcasm, gossip, and lying. That is why the importance of sincerity and the humanistic approach towards people are the urgent questions of the nowadays social life.

8. Justice. “Wrong none by doing injuries, or omitting the benefits that are your duty.”

While referring to the justice issues and to the current social life, it is useful to rely on the ethical approach towards the political processes.

9. Moderation. “Avoid extremes; forbear resenting injuries so much as you think they deserve.”

A human being should look for more fulfillment and satisfaction in life. In accordance with the currently popularized norms of behavior, life values, which we may borrow from the movies, reality shows, news – from the mass media, are the core purpose of life – more stuff, more money, more pleasure, more women, etc. On the other hand, while facing reality, the core success factor of the happy and complete life is moderation.

10. Cleanliness. “Tolerate no uncleanness in body, clothes, or habitation.”

It is possible to state a fact that, among the rest 12 values, the concept of cleanliness has experienced the heaviest changes overtime – standards, approaches, techniques, and solutions.

11. Tranquility. “Be not disturbed at trifles, or at accidents common or unavoidable.”

While adaption this virtue to modern life, it is worth mentioning the fact that a lot of people have been left by the nowadays lifestyle under the collar. That is why it is considered that the self-control and control of the own anger is the mark of the composed personality.

12. Chastity. “Rarely use venery but for health or offspring, never to dullness, weakness, or the injury of your own or another’s peace or reputation.”

While referring to the reality, to the TV shows, and to the popularized values of human life – “sex, money, and rock-n-roll”- chastity may be considered as the least popular value of the nowadays life.

13. Humility “Imitate Jesus and Socrates.”

Displaying of the 13 Virtues on TV

1. Reality shows

In the nowadays world, TV is an integral part of the human’s everyday life, family relations, and lifestyle forming. People start watching TV in order to relax, to get some useful information, to share the feelings and views, and to manage together the vital problems with their favorite heroes of some movies or shows.

Sometimes when one switches on the TV, one knows what exactly would be watched and in which time, and in other cases, one is surfing in plenty of TV channels and looking for something attractive, interesting, and unique. When a person does not need some urgent information and has not got much time for watching a movie, and would like to relax, he/ she starts watching shows.

There are different classifications of shows – classical approaches and those, which are made individually. Briefly, it is possible to outline the following types of shows – family relations, intellectual, those which develop sharpness, and the entertaining TV shows. The classification would be supported by the currently existing US television shows, which are widely watched and discussed by the Americans.

First of all, entertaining shows play a significant role in cultural development. For example, such shows as Dancing with the Stars, X-Factor, So You Think You Can Dance, and America’s Got Talent to enable people to get the relaxation or the portion of humor while watching any particular show. The key feature of the above-listed shows is that they are not based on a professional performance of some professional dancers, musicians or other artists, but on the ordinary people who are involved into the process of the show creating.

Such an attitude towards art motivates the TV watchers for making their own trials and for feeling a star in some artistic genre without getting some special education and being publicized. Also, these shows play a significant role in the social and cultural life of the country because they try to integrate the entire mass culture with television, and in such a way, they allow people who are willing to become popular and have some abilities for performing some actions on the stage to do so. The entertaining shows are widely discussed by the majority of the country population in the different situations – people begin their working day with the discussion of the latest show with the colleagues as “Have you watched the yesterday’s X factor? As for me, I liked the guy, singing … but he was disqualified”…” if I had been a juror, I would have made another decision concerning the lady singing…” etc.

That is why it is possible to state that the integration of the shows into the everyday life of people has already taken place. People are trying to get home before the beginning of the show, to call the friend to discuss the latest news from the show, and to accomplish the whole work as quickly as possible.

The next type of TV shows to be discussed is family-relations TV shows. The most popular ones, which are about different social classes of the nowadays American families, are The Jeffersons, The Cosby Show, All in the Family, Married with Children, Leave It to Beaver, and Good Times. Also, there are the shows for the single parents – Murphy Brown One on One, Half & Half, and Gilmore Girls. Finally, there are shows like Sex and the City – about the relations of the group of women with men.

Such a wide range of programs enables almost everyone to start the “discussion” of the individual vital problem and to find a solution while watching the life of the heroes of the show. In such a case, the show makers’ main purpose is a discussion of the most urgent life situations, which usually take place in society. Such shows may be applied as the personal psychological consultation for those watching TV in order to find a solution for his or her problem and to be supported by the people who have a similar life situation.

The third type of TV shows to be discussed in this essay is the intellectual shows. It is important to pay additional attention to the Who Wants to Be the Millionaire. In the following show, the intellectual abilities of the participant play the main role in his / her winning a certain amount of money. This show has become popular all over the world, and it is also widely discussed by people. There are even cases when people start creating such shows for home use or playing as the quiz in corporate parties, etc.

It is evident that TV shows have a significant influence on all areas of social life. The core difference of the show from the movies is that their participants are not professional actors but the ordinary people and that the life situations are also more inherent to the nowadays life than those involved into the movies. The majority of shows are performed in the online regime, or at least, they are topical to the nowadays life.

Shows are interactive, and in the majority of them, there is a possibility of free participation for the TV watchers, such as calling, sending messages, online voting, etc. It enables people to make a decision to help, to ask, or to advise while voting. The following options create for a TV watcher the feeling of being important.

The last significant feature of the nowadays shows is reflecting the social life of American society and people. The topics for discussion, which appear on the TV show, are the weak points of social life. They help to manage various problems and prevent some similar life situations, which have been discussed on television.

As an evident example, it is possible to refer to the For Love or Money (TV series), which is the dating game show. The core essence of the show implies choosing either between the starting the relationship with the best bachelorette or bachelor or taking the money prize, but without an option of further contacts with the central contestant. Those participants of the show, who have been eliminated, are provided with an obligatory option of seeing the checks, where the amount of money, which they might have won, is shown.

It is obvious that this show is interrelated with human relations, but love is placed on the same scales as money. The option of choice between money and love is not acceptable in accordance with the Chastity: “Rarely use venery but for health or offspring, never to dullness, weakness, or the injury of your own or another’s peace or reputation”.

To sum up, it is possible to say that all above-listed types of the show create the everyday ration of information, expressions, and entertainment under the conditions of everyday fixed routine presented to people by the life in the 21-st century.

2. Movies

In the scopes of this section, it is important to refer to the fact that there are such concerns in the US as race and gender discrimination and family relations issues. These problems have been urgent for a durable period of time and still, are hot questions for many US families. That is why in the scopes of this paper, the critical analysis of A Raisin in the Sun would be carried out it the light of Benjamin Franklins’ 13 virtues and current social life problems.

The main purpose of the critical analysis is outlining the key features of the A Raisin in the Sun in the light of the 13 Virtues of Benjamin Franklin.

First of all, it is important to pay additional attention to the background of this film. Initially, A Raisin in the Sun was a play written by Lorraine Hansberry. The title of this play is borrowed from the poem Harlem, which is also known as A Dream Deferred (written by Langston Hughes). It is dedicated to the experience of the black family, which was living in the Washington Park Subdivision of Chicago’s Woodlawn neighborhood.

Another important aspect of the background of A Raisin in the Sun is that there are four films screened according to the plot of the play: in 1961, the first film was directed by Daniel Petrie; in 1973, there was a musical Raisin – written by Robert Nemiroff; in 1989, it was adapted into a TV movie and directed by Bill Duke; and finally, in 2008, Kenny Leon directed a TV film, A Raisin in the Sun .

This chapter is devoted to the analysis of the version shot Kenny Leon in 2008. The plot of the film is based on the family relations within the black family, which is living in Chicago’s South Side. The main problem for solving in this family is allocating 10 thousand US Dollars that were left after the death of Lena’s husband (insurance payment). There are different variants of how this money could be spent or invested, and some contradictions occur within the family. While discussing this issue in the light of the 13 virtues of Benjamin Franklin, the following three virtues are integrated into this movie: frugality, justice, and chastity.

It is worth stressing that the film is dedicated to outlining of such aspect of the family life as the planning of the family budget and allocating sources in the most effective way. The supervisor wanted to show that every member of this family is tending to apply this money for his / her own needs, but not for the common good. All the suggestions sounded like the variants for the common goal achievement – improving the life level of the family, but in reality, the situation changed in the opposite way. Another problem, which was inherent to many families of the 1960-s and also to the nowadays families, is that planning of giving birth to a child is often based on the income level of the family. In other words, money makes a decision instead of humans in this case.

One more idea, which has been outlined in this film, is that people still believe that, in spite of the material problems, it is possible to survive and to achieve the main goals of the family life while being optimistic, goal-seeking, and having strong family values.

The problem of black people and discrimination issues are also represented in the movie. In order to develop the topic, considering the discrimination in A Raisin in the Sun, it is important to pay attention to the race and gender differences, as well as the interrelation between these two notions. It is worth outlining the background of each notion. Generally, the race is believed to the classification of humans due to the factors of appearance. These factors are based on geographic ancestry or heritable phenotypical characteristics. In nowadays social science, gender is considered as social sex – the behavior of individual in some social conditions. Also, this notion is applied in the case of the sexual inequality discussion.

It is possible to say that race and gender are interrelated notions, and at the same time, additional attention in the social life development has been paid to the gender issues and in A Raisin in the Sun in particular.

While investigating the problem of gender in light of the discussed movie, it is important to make an emphasis on the fact that there is a significant three-scale difference between women in color and white women: while females are encapsulated in the domestic sphere, economic subordination and also in the class, which they belong to and women of color are not. It is possible to see these three scale difference in the example of the family, should in the movie. From the other hand, there is an integrating movement in the nowadays social life (which has started in the second part of the 20-th century) – feminism, where all these three factors are investigated in the light of both white women and women of color and the main aim of the movement is reaching of female independence, universal rights, applied both for women and men, and also the possibility of being the active participant of the social life. The problem of rage and gender discrimination is mainly associated with the justice of eth social life.

It should be stressed that the racial discrimination not only in the United States of America but in other developed countries is evident in all spheres of human life and activities: job searching, education, cultural, social, lending, and even in occupying some positions in the governmental structures. It has a negative influence not only on the social life. There are various restrictions concerning the minority representatives, who want to take part in the life of their country. The racism problems have been researched, and different experiences concerning the following issue are outlined so as to discuss some obstacles and barriers. In turn, racism awareness is tending to get the comprehension of the operation and process of racism, and finally, the antiracism information is studied so as to enhance social justice, to achieve the legal compliance, and finally, to establish certain performance levels.

It is essential to make an emphasis on the fact that the 1960-s were the beginning of managing the discrimination issues in the US. The term “affirmative action” was issued in the US for the first time in Executive Order 10925. This order, in turn, was signed by John F. Kennedy on March 6, 1961. The key task of the order was the practical implementation of the measures directed to the non-discrimination achievement. Again, the concern of justice developed by Benjamin Franklin may be integrated with this legal approach towards social life improvement.

The main purpose of affirmative action is the promotion of equal opportunity (which is widely discussed in the movie). Its practical implementation is presented in the governmental and educational establishments. This equal opportunity is directed to the ensuring of the fact that the minority groups are included in all available social programs and that their rights are protected.

In the light of the justification of the affirmative action, its core purpose is assistance in compensation of discrimination, exploitation or persecution that has taken place in the past by the ruling class of the culture. One more important aim is addressing discrimination, which currently exists.

While taking into account quotas, it is possible to say that they have not been legal in the US in the early 1960-s, and that issue, in turn, implied the following factors: there was no legal possibility of limiting the number of the representatives of each race in the educational establishments, in the companies, or in other entities. This issue has been widely presented on TV, and it is obvious that the practical implementation of this regulation has not been so strict because there were other valuable reasons for not hiring the representatives of various minority groups or providing them with equal rights. The stage director has met the needs and views of the current society and has represented the core problems of the minority groups in the US in the movie.

The black families are the representatives of the African American race. Consequently, they are indigenous communities. Martinez Cobo considered the indigenous communities (and African Americans in particular) as peoples and nations who have inhabited at the certain territory before the invasion, have the historical continuity in that place, and consider themselves to be the separated groups or societies from those that are currently prevailing at those territories or some of their parts .

The problem of indigenous peoples has got its historical background that was caused by the multinational social structure of the United States society. Some sociologists call the US as the ‘Melting pot’- the country, which has got the multinational society from the very beginning of its existence. In A Raisin in the Sun, the problem of the African Americans is considered in the light of the social life and opportunities for the life level development and improvement.

The additional issue shown in the movie is the women’s movement. The background of this problem may be defined as the social movement, which is directed to implementing the radical changes in social life. The reform movement may be directed to the global changes in social life as well as may cover particular areas of human relations. While taking into consideration the women’s movement, it is obvious that the key aim of this reform was protecting women’s rights. The following rights are defined as freedoms, which are claimed by women and girls of different ages and social groups. Such a movement took place at the beginning of the 20-st century in the US and in other countries. The key purpose of the women’s movement was the achievement of the women’s rights support by the jurisdiction, by the local customs, and by the behavior of the local population.

It is important to put an emphasis on the fact that A Raisin in the Sun is a realist drama, which represents the human spirits and shows the real life of the ordinary working-class Americans. This genre is a key advantage of this movie in comparison with those ones, which are dedicated to the entertainment of the wealthy people, who own luxurious things and have expensive entertainment every day. In this movie, the representatives of the working-class Americans can see themselves with their dreams’ and intentions, concerning purchasing a new house, going to medical school, or investing some money into a promising business project.

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From the theoretical approach, the realist drama is associated with such a film genre, which is dependent on dealing with the emotional themes of the realistic characters. Such dramatic themes represented in A Raisin in the Sun are violence against women, moral dilemmas, racial prejudice, class divisions, poverty, etc.

It is worth mentioning that A Raisin in the Sun is adapted from the play of the same name and there were no significant changes made in its plot. The film replicates the stage performance, and it is completely impossible to distinguish the film from the original play.

Generally, A Raisin in the Sun is dedicated to the everyday problems of a black family in the 1960-s. On the other hand, the needs and values of the family may be also applied for the working-class white American family. This picture is topical nowadays because the core needs of people are still the same- to live in the comfortable apartments, to have all necessary things, to get education and job, to have a good and stable f financial situation – that all is still on the agenda for many families all over the world.

It is possible to conclude that the social impact of the film is high because of the main theme, which is the burning issue for many families. Also, it is important to make an emphasis that the working class people were included in the picture plot as the main heroes. This aspect has differed the film form other nowadays movies that collect the glamour approaches to life and forget about the traditional family values of humanity.

After having watched this film, a person realizes that his or her problems are the traditional ones that hundreds and thousands of other families get used to having. While watching the movies about the high-class social life, a person understands that he/ she does not belong to such a class and that he/she will have an opportunity to live such a luxurious life as the main hero does. That, in turn, leads to depression and misunderstanding with the own inner world. The weak point of t A Raisin in the Sun is its theatrical roots. Some critics even consider this film as the photographed play.

To my personal opinion, A Raisin in the Sun may be considered as the classic of the US movie related to the issues of the racial discrimination and gender inequality family relations, which were inherent to the 1960-s. Such a movie may be considered as a visual instruction for future generations, and its topicality is still inherent to the current social problems.

After having watched this movie, my personal attitude towards family problems and values has been changed radically. For instance, the problem of the family planning in many cases still depends on the welfare of the couple, when giving birth to a child is the problematic issue due to the fact of the material sources lack. In my opinion, it is not acceptable to issue but it does still exist in the society; though, it even does not depend on the race issues.

I have chosen this movie to be discussed in the scopes of Benjamin Franklin’s virtues because it represents the core problems of the social and family life, but “not the dull-witted relations between young people, the plastic smiles and the artificial values” .

Finally, while taking into account all the theories and the core values of the basic philosophical theories (relativism, egoism, natural law, virtue ethics, deontological, utilitarianism and social contract theory), related to the ethics of human relations, it is obvious that all of them imply the friendly collaboration between the representatives of different social groups, and at the same time, there are different aspects of such a collaboration – some of them are directed for the common goal achievement, because they are oriented on the individual approach towards the goal achievement. There is a theory which implies the achievement of the total happiness for all the representatives of the group. At the same time, the integrative feature, that is common for all the theories implies the collaboration, but not the discrimination of the minority groups (Glenn 1999).

The film has shown such an approach and integrated all the theories of human relations and collaboration. That is why it is considered to be the masterpiece of the psychological approach towards man’s relations represented in the form of the movie. Even while taking into account some technical disadvantages, the core idea has been represented on a high level.

Also, after watching A Raisin in the Sun, I, as the individual who is living in the 21-st century, have made a conclusion for myself that the cross-cultural interrelation in the multinational social group should take in consideration all aspects of the human behavior and should stress on the experience of the previous generations concerning racism, gender issues, and other types of discrimination, and their outcomes in order to be fair and unprejudiced.

It is important to put an emphasis on the fact that such notions as race and gender and their investigation are urgent questions for the current society. There are still many cases when people are not provided with an opportunity to achieve the desired aims because of their sex or race, and such issues cause cross-cultural conflicts and lead to the social instability – when the justice (as of the Benjamin Franklins’ virtue) is not applied for them.

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3. News

In the scopes of this chapter, it is essential to stress on the fact that people are daily watching the current news or the interviews with the public administrators. Thus, the stereotype of the public administrator – the representative of the justice system of the country, is formed in the minds and perception of the US citizens.

It is evident that ethics in light of the public sector is a broad topic. Generally, ethics is the morality-addressing branch of philosophy. In the public sector, the key purpose of ethics is addressing the main premise of the public administrators to be the “steward” to people. This, in turn, implies the moral justifications of the actions are carried out and the decisions are made by the employees of the non-profit organizations.

Also, it is possible to consider ethics as the standard of accountability which provides the public with a possibility of scrutinizing the activities, carried out by the members of non-profit organizations. In the majority of cases, these decisions are based on the ethical standards, and it, in turn, enables the non-profit organization’s employees to act in accordance with the public approach of correctness. That is why applying the ethical standards allows the public administrators to act not in accordance with the internal set of standards but to take into account the principles that are inherent to the social group.

In the scopes of this research, it is important to pay additional attention the ethical behavior in the public sector that is the key success factor of the public administrators’ activities due to the fact that the core concept of their profession implies the collaboration with people, and in turn, it requires meeting the core needs and moral standards of the mass.

Morality has got the qualitative and esoteric nature, and that is why it is a complicated task to measure its quantitative performance in order to understand the meaning of ethical issues and standards for the public administrators, the deep analysis of the theoretical approach towards this issue is required.

According to the historical development of morality and ethics and their interrelation, it is important to make an emphasis that ethics is the product of the social morality, which is mainly influenced by the following aspects of the social life: religion, national standards of life, the political approach towards governing of the country, the military situation, the character of the social life, etc. Thus, the core requirements of morality and ethics, as well as the product of morality may vary in different historical periods and nations.

While taking in account the agency of the public administrations, which are related to the ethical standards and their practical application in the current society, it is possible to say the core conception of the public administrators’ professional activity and its background implies the collaboration with the mass. That is why people employed in the public administration sector are expected to be the representatives of the social group with the highest ethical standards.

The behavior, based on the principles of high morality is the key success factor for building of the society with the high living standards and requirements.

In the nowadays world, which is full of competition and economical approach towards life and its core values, the principles of ethics should be popularized and promoted. That is mainly caused by the increasing demand for human relations, but not for the “monetary transactions”. A human being is a social being formed by the environment. Thus, in order to provide the future generations with the life values, based on morality, people should follow them, and the dynamics of the ethical approach towards the social life should be determined by the public sector organizations.

The information, consumed by people from TV and the news, forms their attitude towards the government, the country, as well as the world in general. That is why the public administrators shown on TV should act in accordance with justice and ethics. Only in such a case, it is possible to achieve a respectful attitude towards the representatives of power among the population of the country.

Usually, people oppose the “good” and “right” characteristics of the ethical behavior to the “wrong” or “bad” actions, which violate these standards. The core questions of amoral behavior, which people face while collaborating with the public sector organizations, may be represented by the following examples: whether it is ethical to pay a bribe for being provided with a positive environment for doing business or not; whether it is acceptable, from the ethical point of view, to carry out some personal business activities while being employed in the non-profit organization of the public sector or not, etc.

In the case when the violation of the moral principles and legislation takes place, there is a need for an urgent reaction for such actions. All violators of the law are supposed to be punished and further alike situations should be prevented.


To conclude, it is possible to state a fact that the 13 oral virtues developed by Benjamin Franklin are still urgent and are widely applied in the nowadays social life and in all areas of human activities. While taking into account the fact that the television and mass media have become the integrative parts of the human everyday life and that the culture of the individual is mainly formed by the information consumed from the TV their quality is essential for the society.

In the scopes of this research, the interrelation between the virtues of Benjamin Franklin and nowadays life (as it is presented on TV) has been analyzed in the light of reality shows, movie, and news – three core forms of the TV entertainment.

It is obvious that some of the virtues are followed by the TV makers; while other human values are violated. In the nowadays life, the high intellectual potential of people, effective business planning, as well as responsible attitude towards professional activity are highly appreciated, and at the same time, the family relations, the attitude towards love, justice, and human values are violated by the popularization of the sexual revolution products, free relations between men and women, etc.

Money and wealth are the core values of nowadays life. The violation of ethical norms is shown on TV; rude interpersonal communications are popularized via shows, etc.

To conclude, it is important to put an emphasis on the fact that, in order to achieve the harmony in the current social life, the information flow should be ‘filtered’ in accordance with the virtues of Benjamin Franklin. In such a case, the higher standards of morality and ethical behavior may be popularized.

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