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Ageism is the discrimination of a group or an individual based on their age, which results in different treatment. In most cases, old people are the most affected as young people are favored for their beauty, energy, and enthusiasm. Getting old is perceived as becoming dependent and useless. Moreover, aging is treated as getting near to the deathbed; therefore, many people are scared of getting old. On the other hand, young people are also sometimes discriminated based on their age. They are treated as inexperienced and their ideas are less listened to when they air their views (Bergling, 2004). The youth are likely to get a lower salary or even have difficulty finding jobs just because of the perception that they have little experience. Ageism deprives individuals of privileges and affects their rights.

Jeunism is a form of discrimination whereby the old are discriminated against by young people. In the past, older people were much respected and old age was viewed as blessings. They were always turned to in case of pieces of advice since they were viewed as possessing a lot of knowledge and wisdom has gone through many things in life. The young should stop discriminating against the old since we need them much in society.

Adultcentrism is another form of discrimination where the adults are favored and placed in a more dominant position over the young. In this case, the young are not given any chance to share their views, and their ideas are not taken into consideration. This is wrong since young people have bright ideas, which can transform our society if offered a chance and thus their ego should not be lowered by not listening to them (Kramarae, 2000).

The media unknowingly or knowingly perpetuate ageism through what they present to the audience. In the recent past and currently, the main cast of actors and actresses in movies and television series is young people, and if the old are included, they only take part in the minor roles. Social networks are targeted for young people and it is seen as abnormal to find older people in those networks. Everyone has the right to be treated the same regardless of age.

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