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Potential Exhibitors

Lateral Event Management Company is planning an event in Brighton, W. Sussex city at Brighton Centre on 20th May 2013 at Brighton Centre. The company will work with the following companies as exhibitors and will be required to put up their stand for their exhibition. The companies include Lotto Licensee sports lifestyle, Active Sports lifestyle, A D sports, Aquatic Rehab Sport Hand and Med, A Villa Trading, Best Sport Inc., Big 5 Sporting Goods, B’s Bikes, Custom Fit Bowling Supply, Empire Billiards, Flat Feet Sports, Golden Tiger Kens Trading Company, Gulf stream MotorSport, Iraheta Home Goods, Iron Company Home Goods, Jumping Jacks, Loris Home Goods, Red Dragon Karate, So Cal Team Sports, and MYPA Lifestyle Management (Masterman, 2004). The above companies were chosen because they are the world’s leading sports and lifestyle firms that develop and design accessories, apparel, footwear, and other sport lifestyle products.

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The companies are committed to their duties in ways contributing to the countries supporting peace, creativity, sustainability, and by staying put in honest and creative decision making. The above companies begin in sports and end in lifestyle. The above companies are also listed in the official trading on the Munich Stock Exchanges (Masterman, 2004). The chosen companies are leading sports and lifestyle brand manufacturers. They also provide superior quality and high-performance products for Avis sportsmen of all abilities. They offer competitive performance, functionality, and advantage such as corporate division, face technology, and adjustable flight technology. Most of the company’s expertise in rubber products shows a consistent commitment to the brand over and the quality. They offer a collection most apprehended by those with non-theoretical lifestyle and sensibility largely enjoyed externally.

Sport & Lifestyle Trade Fair 2013: Invitation Letter to Potential Exhibitors

Active Sports Lifestyle,

12178 5th St, Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730

Dear Active Sports Lifestyle,

Lateral Event Management invites your company to Sport and Lifestyle trade fair at Brighton Centre on May 20th of 2013. We are working closely with the Brighton Centre to make sure that the event will be a massive success. The historic Brighton Centre is strategically placed in the heart of Brighton, W. Sussex City County and is one of the largest conference centers in the United Kingdom. For over 50 years it has been the biggest exhibit hall serving the cities of Brighton and its environs. For almost ten years, domestic sports and lifestyle fanatics have frequented lifestyle exhibitions in distant locations to meet sporting needs. Bringing the exhibition to Brighton allows the locals to meet their demand in this area.

Please note that it will be the final exhibition of the year. It will be the final opportunity to boost your sales and make important contacts before the end of the year. Participating in this exhibition will be a good way for your company to end on a greater note and approach the year in a mindset, that is positive. Make sure your company hid to 18th May 2013 deadline for registration. The city of Brighton, W. Sussex provides a perfect setting for a Sports and lifestyle exhibition, and we would wish to invite your company to share experience and success. Lateral Event Management’ strategic partners will make sure they conduct vast marketing to reach thousands of people and deliver qualified clients. Lateral Exhibition provides the type of exposure that you cannot afford independently. Call and book stand today and make sure your company succeeds. Should you need any clarification please contact us.

Thanks and anticipate our prosperous relationship.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


J. M.

Manager, Lateral Event Management.

Brighton Centre Trade Fair Venue Information

Brighton city is one of England’s compact cities and most accessible for international and national events. It is a seaside located city and it has a vibrant atmosphere of the city. Brighton is nestled between the moving hills of the sea and South Downs; Brighton’s Regency crescent offers a backdrop to bars and restaurants, cafes and pubs, multiple clubs and music venues that make a city a conducive place to be (McDermott & Rakgokong, 1998).

At Brighton Centre someone can enjoy Royal Pavilion, King George IV Summer Palace, Brighton Marina with arrays of restaurant and bars, all enjoying the view of the spectacular sea and interesting Brighton Piers which are the free tourist attractions. Brighton has six shopping districts including North Lain and Lanes. It has over 500 restaurants and amazing nightlife. The only product in low supply is time. Nestled in the middle of this city is Brighton Centre (McDermott & Rakgokong, 1998).

Brighton Centre is one of the best venues in the nation; the Centre offers top-class conference types of equipment to delegates and organizers alike. Previously the major political parties held their conferences at Brighton Centre. The city became a well known high profile event and conference and continues up to today. The commitment and dedication of the Centre’s team, the iconic location of the center. Brighton continues to a lot of money for the winning conferences, local economy, events and entertainment in the whole world. Continuous investment into the layout of the building continues to strengthen (Harichandan & Musgrave, 2010).

Accessing Brighton is not easy, especially when someone is from outside England. Brighton Centre can be traced on England’s South Coast, 85 km. from the city of London. Airport of Gatwick, London has routes to more than 170 cities all over the world. The airport is located 45 km. from Brighton. Reaching the airports takes 30 minutes on the road or rail. Brighton is also located to the entire Britain area via rail and about an hour from London, Victoria.

The map below shows the location of Brighton Centre.

Brighton Centre provides 2,000 sq. m. of exhibition space. Brighton Centre can accommodate between 300 and 4,450 and has 18 rooms. A Centre is a flexible place with ideal host and professional approach for any event.

On the ground floor is the foyer which is a light, impressive and spacious entrance.

Ground Floor also has a meeting room, at the foyer’s back used for additional space for exhibition or a breakout facility. If the foyer is used for exhibition, it gives an extension, giving 1700 m2 of spaces.

The first floor of Brighton Centre has two auditoriums, 1 and 2. Auditorium one is set for international and political conferences, grand banquets, and prestige exhibitions.

Auditorium 2 provides a versatile space for meeting. Inside the auditorium, we have bank windows on one wall where delegates can have a good view of beachfront. The auditorium also has blackout facilities. Their seats are not permanent giving provisions for the organizers to lay out organizers individuals’ vested interest.

Third to fifth rooms are on the second floor. The rooms have natural daylight and a tiny dressing room, shower and kitchen. The suite is conveniently near the first auditorium and has supported technology and infrastructure for customers to use the suite for the operation of organizers. The third and fifth rooms have built-in speaker systems, projector, and screen. The third, fourth, and fifth rooms are as shown below.

On the third floor, we have smaller offices, meeting rooms, media, and catering areas.

On the ground floor, there is a Syndicate Wing near the main building. Syndicate Wing has its own entrance, bar and cloakroom facilities.

Brighton Centre is best suited for exhibitions because of its superb environment and an easy link to the road.

Marketing strategy

To increase public awareness of the exhibition, Lateral Events Management will adopt various marketing strategies. The company will start an e-mail contact list of the families, friends, and companies interested in learning about the exhibition. When they come across the news, articles or information, they forward to every person on the list. The company will also add a catchy quote to the taglines of the companies’ emails by creating an e-mail signature. This will remind the public on the importance of the issue at hand. The company will also create its own website in support of the exhibition. The created website will educate the public and make a point to them. On the websites, the colorful web stickers will make it easy for the public to contact the concerned organizers. The website will also contain the location of the Brighton Centre and the purpose of exhibitions.

The company will also have radio talk shows. It will make a statement on what the exhibition will be, on the importance and venue of the exhibition. Additionally, the company will put meaningful stickers on the street walls, and billboards. We will also attend community meetings and local political forums. The company will speak about the issue and give provisions for questions from the public. The companies will also give presentations at the community events, local lodge and local libraries (Mehndiratta, 2008).

The presentation will submit an announcement of the event to post flyers around the city so that the public knows about it. Lateral events management will also write to local media, newspapers and television stations. The company will develop a professional and friendly relationship with the media. It will also campaign through the word of mouth by telling the public about the exhibition. The company will also write to the newsletters to focus on the marketing of the exhibition. Considering the cost of newsletters, the company will also send e-mail newsletters to people to confirm their attendance.


The manager needs to come up with an event proposal. The event proposal is a document that outlines the reason for the exhibition. Proposal also dictates what the company is planning to carry out. This will enable the manager to focus on the companies involved and a directive for delivery decisions and planning. The document will also enable the manager to think ahead on the requirement and those companies that will be involved in running and organizing various events on the show. The crucial questions that the proposal will answer include what the event is all about, happenings at the event, a reason for the event, who is the exhibition for, who will run and plan the exhibition, cost of the exhibition, date of the exhibition and venue for the event. The manager also needs to put in details the event plan that will break down all the tasks and assign duties and deadlines for each concerned party. The manager should also regularly update the tasks or alter for proper posting.

Consequently, the manager needs to prepare a simple budget that caters for the projected costs, is very fast to complete but will offer crucial tools for monitoring and evaluating their expenditure. The events office needs to design the budget form that will help in estimating the expenditures. The budget should tally with the holder of the budget prior to spending. Core costs that might arise include transport, stationery, audition, venue, and printing. Other miscellaneous costs include security, decorations, speaker expenses, photography, and posting that should not be avoided. The manager’s office should contact the potential exhibitors four days prior to the event. The manager also needs to send letters to the exhibitors for suggestions and review before the invitations are made. The manager should also leave a few days after the deadline for replies from the potential exhibitors, to find out their attendance (Mehndiratta, 2008).

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