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Business plan Sneak Organic foods

Executive summary

“Sneak organic and tradition foods” is a restaurant that will deal specifically with traditional foods and organic foods. This is the only restaurant in Muranga County that will be dealing with these kinds of foods. The food prices will range from Ksh 50 to Ksh 350. It is intended to attract people from the region who are on special diets and those who have a preference for organic and traditional foods.

The hotel will have a sitting capacity of 300 people; it will have giant television sets for sports enthusiasts. This will enable the hotel to draw customers across all age groups. The hotel will also provide outside catering services and conference facilities when the need arises. The hotel is a sole proprietorship and will derive its funding from personal savings and a loan from a bank.

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The objectives of the sneak restaurant are:

· Build an organic and traditional food chain

· Increase its capacity from 300 to 1000 in the next 3 years

· Pack and can fresh foods and juices by the 3rd year of operation

· Have an organic farm so as to produce the raw materials to be used in the hotel


The mission of the steak restaurant is to provide the residents of Muranga County with nutritious and the highest quality of food and services.

Company summary

The restaurant is owned by John Sneak. He has been working in the hotel industry for over 20 years. His wife is a nutritionist and together they are going to form a great team that will provide the best possible services to the residents of Muranga County.

Start-up summary

The owner is going to invest Ksh 500, 000 from his personal savings and obtain a loan of the equal sum. This money will be spent mainly on purchases of foodstuff and cooking equipment.

The owner of the hotel owns a completely furnished building, and the only things remaining are the cooking equipment.

Company location

The hotel is located at Thika town on Freedom Street. This is in a new state of the art building that has just been completed. The building will house the hotel, a sports bar, and a conference hall.

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Products and services

The company intends to offer hotel services with a menu that will include all traditional foods from as many communities around the country as possible. The hotel will also stick to strictly fresh products. The company will also be offering outside catering services to people who might be in need of their services. There will also be conferencing services to people or organizations that will be holding conferences. The conference hall has a capacity of 500 seated people. The charges will be as follows:

Outside catering, food, and services only 20- 100 people Ksh 20,000

101-150 people Ksh 50,000

151-200 people Ksh 80,000

201- 300 people Ksh 120,000

Above 300 people Ksh 200

Conference services food included Ksh 1500 per individual

Conference services lunch and beverages included Ksh 2000 per individual

Market analysis

The hotel and fast food industry are one of the fastest-growing industries in the country at the moment. This is fueled by the influx of colleges in the urban areas and also the high number of professionals who are working in urban areas. Organic foods and traditional foods are gaining market due to the following factors:

· The high number of people on special diets. This is as a result of the high number of diabetes, HIV and other diseases which require the patients to be on special diets to increase their chances of survival

· The campaign on the effects of chemically processed foods. Nutritionists are campaigning vigorously on the need to eat foods devoid of chemicals. This, they claim will have an impact on the prevalence of some of these diseases being experienced currently that was not heard of a couple of centuries ago

Market strategy and implementation

The company will reach out to people on special diets to educate them on the need to maintain good eating habits. This will enlighten them and create a reliable demand.

Marketing strategy

The marketing strategies to be adopted will be varied based on the service being advertised. The following methods will be adopted:

· Commercial advertisements in the media

· Billboards

· Posters

· Cooking demonstrations to sensitize people

· Discounts on foods and beverages


The company is going to sell its products at the lowest prices in the market. This will draw people from all areas to the restaurant. To achieve this company will make sure that it gets its raw materials at the lowest costs. The owner will be supplying most of the products from his farms and this will greatly reduce its cost of production.

Management summary

The hotel will be managed by John sneak who has a wide experience in the hotel industry. Mrs. Sneak will be the assistant manager and in charge of nutrition. Her experience will be very vital in determining the right type of food to be prepared and the way of preparation to prevent nutrient loss.

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Personnel plan

· Manager (John Sneak)

· Assist manager (Carol Sneak)

· Chef

· Storekeeper

· Cooks (10)

· Waiters (20)

· Cleaners (3)

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