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Date: February 07, 2013

To: Professor Emily

From: Sander G. M.

Subject: Job Application Packet


This memo is a tool to examine and analyze the job application packet. This packet consists of a cover letter and resumes for the job description.


Attached is a cover letter and resume. The cover letter and resume are explicit to the company, its environment, and the job description. This memo presents a detailed analysis of Sanofi Pasteur, the job description, and its application process. It concludes with how the letter and resume target the specific features of the job description and the company.


Sanofi Pasteur

Audience analysis

Sanofi Pasteur is a leading worldwide company that is focused on the production of vaccines. Their vaccines target over 20 diseases that are infectious and their work impacts millions of people every day. Over $1 billion is invested by Sanofi Pasteur in research and vaccine development. It is inside this research and development division of this company that I have an interest in.

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In a company as huge as Sanofi, which employs over 1900 R&D employees, the application is done online. Therefore, the first acknowledgment comes from search engines using various keyword searches. The significance of acknowledging this is that it allows the addition of keywords into the resume. Keywords differ from ‘biochemistry’, ‘research assistant’, ‘Bachelors in Science’, to more specific terms like ‘optimize assay’ and ‘immunochemical’. Once my resume is picked, human resources personnel will view it and recognize the target job-description words and may contact me.

Job Description

The job at Sanofi is for an internship during summer for troubleshooting, developing, revising, and validating immunochemical and biochemical assays for vaccine procedure testing, stability, and release studies. Like any lab work, the intern is expected to record and give oral or written presentations made by the company about the findings. It may be imperative for the company that the intern gets acquainted with and can trail safety procedures alongside lab maintenance.

Sanofi requires that candidates ought to be enrolled in biochemistry, chemistry, or biology-related Bachelor’s degree. The best candidate must have experience with immunochemical and biochemical assays in the lab. He/she must also have strong writing skills, a positive attitude, superior technique, attention to detail, and the ability to work in a team setting.


The field of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology provides a lot of opportunities, therefore, Sanofi may be looking for someone that is aware of immunochemistry. I have no experience in immunochemistry, but I understood it through reading research papers discussed in classes.

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