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This is a science that is concerned with the areal differentiation of the surface of the earth. It shows the characteristics, arrangement and also interrelation between the world and its components through such elements as soil, climate, elevation, vegetation, population, industries, human impact, and administration. Linguistically, Geography is a Greek word that implies a description of the earth and therefore, it deals with a field of science that is dedicated to studying the features of the land, the earth phenomena, and its inhabitants.

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According to the Royal Geography Society (2011), the subject has been defined as the study of landscape, places,, people, and the environment in general. It is not quite simple to understand the earth we live in, therefore, geography serves as a bridge between the pure sciences, social sciences, and the natural sciences.

According to the National Council for Geographic Education (1994), there are five major themes that are addressed by this discipline. These include Location (it can be relative or absolute location), place (human and physical characteristics), human-environmental interaction (studies how humans adapt to, modify and depend on the environment), movement (people, goods, ideas), and regions (formal, functional, or perceptual regions).

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Historically, geography has not had any defined place in the field of sciences or in the obvious traditional classification systems under the faculties of science. In some places like eastern Europe, geography is located under the faculty of natural sciences while in another region, it is under social sciences. Some geographical components have a strong affiliation to philosophy, mathematics, natural sciences, and history and social sciences. Other types of science are distinctively phenomenal such as geology (studying rocks), botany (plants), and sociology (social groupings) among others. Therefore, the term geography involves a wide combination of a subject that has an influence on the earth. This means that the subject matter of geography is shared among geographers and other disciplines as well.

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