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Problem Statement

Over the years, toxicity cases due to material use have increased. This is because relevant information on the negative impacts of these chemicals on the environment and the general body has not been well conveyed to the users in the past. Electronics can, however, be used to curb this problem through practical research on the constituents of a chemical, its effects and offering guidelines on its sustainable use (U.S EPA).


· Establish electronic methods to eliminate or minimize the hazardous properties of chemicals.

· Introduce and establish electronic databases that contain comprehensive knowledge on the nature of these chemicals.

· Develop ways setting up an electronic method of conveying safety guidelines to the chemical users.

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Strategy and Methodology

The center will be composed of experts from various fields like environmental conservation, chemical engineers, electronic engineers and general researchers who must be computer literate, in addition to, expertise in their field of a profession (ESD PA). We will have at least five experts from each field to offer a wider scope of material research and ensure accuracy in these recommendations.

General research on the negative effects of these chemicals will be carried out and the data recorded electronically. Field sample collection questionnaire recordings will be electronic thus; every researcher will require a laptop to record the findings. The electronics to be involved will be modern and highly effective that provides the accuracy we intend to achieve.

Material life cycle, chemical components, toxicity and material safety use all require the application of electronic devices. A fully equipped electronic laboratory will be required.

The findings will electronically be discussed and analyzed. Some of the material properties, which will be addressed, are; chemical design, property manipulation, activity, and toxicity. All these processes require the use of electronics, for example, computer for research over the internet and data storage, projectors for a constant debriefing on the progress of the research and laboratory analysis of the materials will require electronic equipment.

Recommendations from the experts at the material properties and ways of minimizing its properties will be harmonized in a computer database and free access granted to any interested party.


If accepted, the center will provide a milestone in the sustainable molecular design of materials that are less toxic and environmentally friendly.

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