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Healthcare Policy and Nursing Influence Policy

My Strategies to Influence Votes

It seems that the complex and well-designed strategy is needed for maximizing the legislative support of the above-mentioned initiatives. Supporting the view of Abood (2007), who points out that serious preparations are needed, I will review the available statistical information to support all my claims. In particular, I will calculate the expected positive effects of adopting the legislation on nurse-patient ratios. I think that it is reasonable to use different strategies at the local and state levels. In order to reach the positive results at the local level, I should be persuasive, use my personal experience, and appeal to people’s needs and emotions. At the state level, I should be more objective, provide the relevant statistical information, and support all my claims by corresponding calculations and analyses. I believe that I should perform such functions as the advocated reforms are highly necessary for the healthcare industry. Therefore, shifting the comfort area is justified (Abood, 2007).

It is reasonable to examine the two different strategies in detail. The first elements of the strategy for promoting the ideas of the need for passing legislation on nurse-patient ratios are explaining the role of nurses in initiating the necessary reforms. Due to their position in the healthcare system, nurses are the first providers to comprehend all problems in the current system. Therefore, their suggestions and proposals are highly practically-oriented and relevant in the majority of cases (Abood, 2007). Moreover, under the conditions of the constantly growing costs and expenses, the quality considerations tend to become more important. The existing legislative requirements do not allow optimizing the process. Therefore, there is a need for urgent reforms. It is reasonable to utilize the experience of California as there are direct relationships between passing such changes and the subsequent improvement of all major health indicators. The ideas should be promoted at the local level.

Moreover, it is reasonable to use my personal experience. I may stress that I observe a large number of the existing inefficiencies at all levels of the current healthcare system. The major underlying reason for the prevalence of problems is the unprecedentedly high workload by nurses. As a result, they cannot concentrate on performing their functions properly and cannot realize their full potential. It also declines the quality of services. As a result, it is necessary to coordinate my efforts with other healthcare providers at the local level as it may facilitate the rates of adopting changes. It is reasonable to distribute all functions among the people who support advocated initiatives. In such a way, everyone can concentrate on the functions that he/she may perform more effectively.

It is also reasonable to appeal to people’s emotions at the local level. For example, I may stress that improving quality is not merely abstract figures but the lives and health of real people. Consequently, emotional aspects are highly significant for people at the local level. I may also claim that the advocated changes are especially relevant under the correct conditions as the observed system is less effective than in California. If the necessary changes are adopted, the radical improvement of health standards may be achieved almost immediately. If I can find a sufficient number of supporters and affect people’s emotions and needs appealing to my experience and another relevant aspect, I can influence votes effectively at the local level.

However, the state level requires a different strategy. It is necessary to concentrate on rational arguments. Recent research shows that the adoption of the proposed changes will result in a considerable decline of surgical deaths in a given state as such effects in relation to others states exceed 10 percent (Aiken et al., 2010, p. 14). It is also possible to calculate the positive effects if the advocated changes are implemented within the minimum possible amount of time. In other words, it is necessary to calculate the value of the extension of reforms for every month. It may serve as a persuasive argument for legislators as they always try to allocate their time effectively and select only the most urgent initiatives.

In addition, I can explain the expected positive effects on the structure and productivity of hospitals in the state. I can formulate broader implications demonstrating how effective hospitals may contribute to strengthening the state’s competitive positions at the national level. Legislators typically try to promote the positions of their state through all available means. They would be even more responsive to such initiatives if I could demonstrate that affecting the nurse-to-patient ratio will generate positive financial results. I can also rely on my expert power (Abood, 2007). I may educate the legislators and independent experts about the essence of the problem and its potential solutions. However, all claims should be supported by relevant statistics and quantitative analysis, especially at the state level.

Increasing My Power to Influence Votes

Although the above-mentioned strategies may be comparatively effective, they also face considerable risks. In particular, it is possible that a substantial opposition to my initiatives may emerge. For such reason, I should try to maximize my power to generate the expected results. First of all, it is necessary to increase my credentials. On the one hand, I should increase my qualification and the number of skills and knowledge I possess. On the other hand, my professional level should be confirmed by independent experts from the nursing profession. It is possible to participate in various international forums, as well as exchange opinions with other professionals. If my qualification is recognized internationally, it may allow influencing legislative decisions more effectively.

It is also reasonable to join the major nursing organizations, such as the American Association of Managed Care Nurses and the American Organization of Nurse Executives. It seems that joining nursing organizations may have both a direct and indirect impact. The former refers to increasing my credentials and the appreciation of my professional level from the perspective of other people. It is important at the local level when the success of any initiatives depends on the credentials and persuasiveness of the speaker. The latter refers to increasing one’s sphere of communication and the ability to influence the general intellectual climate. It is especially important while affecting the legislative decisions at the state level.

It is also possible to participate in networking with people who have significant social and political power. Such networking can be realized through different forums and conferences. It is necessary to participate in them as a speaker and promote the ideas of increasing the quality of healthcare services through optimizing nurse-patient ratios. I may address all inter-temporal dimensions of the given problem. First, it is necessary to compare the dynamics of health indicators in California and other states. It will demonstrate the effectiveness of such initiatives in the past. Second, it is possible to assess the current state of health standards in California and other states. It will demonstrate the effectiveness of the system at the present moment. Finally, it is reasonable to extrapolate the observed tendencies in the future. In such a way, the potential gap between more effective and less effective policies may be projected. It may serve as a strong argument for legislators. In general, legislators should perceive the proposed changes as beneficial for society in general. I may demonstrate that it will not create a conflict of interests as all people are interested in increasing the quality standards.

Finally, I may use other strategies. For example, I may organize some forums or conferences devoted to the initiatives. I may promote them both via traditional and social media. Moreover, I can determine several target audiences and develop different strategies for all of them. Such target audiences may include nurses, patients, and legislators. It is also necessary to evaluate their feedback and make the corresponding adjustments. In general, it may be expected that the correct and comprehensive organization of the process may generate the desired positive results. I will try to use my power in a way that will balance the interests of all parties involved, as well as contribute to satisfying the needs of society. My internal belief in the correctness and social use of my initiatives is also highly important for affecting the positions and behavior of other people. Therefore, I will try to enter the legislative arena indirectly by creating the necessary motivation for different groups of people (Abood, 2007). If nurse-patient ratios are optimized, people will be able to verify the correctness of my proposals through their personal experience.

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