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I earned a bachelor’s degree in science majoring in Human Resources Management and Organization at King Abdul-Aziz University in 2009. After graduation, I had a chance to get a scholarship from the Ministry of Higher Education. As I had no field experience I decided to come to the United States to continue my education and improve my knowledge. After obtaining the English diploma from the University of North Texas, I got admission to the master’s degree in science majoring in Human Development and Leadership. Now I am in the last semester and I will graduate in December.

Many school systems and private institutions require enthusiastic and highly professional educational leaders. The current demand and constant need for educational leaders represent the needs of an increasingly diverse and complex society. Therefore, I would like to change my school from business to education because I am interested in the fact of how educators manage to deliver their messages to motivate quality learning and enhance student outcomes. I would like to concentrate on the planned program of Strategic Leadership because I hope to become an educational administrator in the area of Human Development.

I have thought about a variety of programs provided by different universities. However, after reading the information about the Educational Leadership Program at Clark Atlanta University, I found that this was what I really needed as it matched my ambitions.

I am applying to Clark Atlanta University because it helps the candidates to improve their knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to become transformative leaders. In addition, the university cares about the improvement of academic outcomes in terms of local, national, and international arenas.

This university is reputable as it is committed to the development of productive and creative students who know what they want and have defined and well-set career goals. Hence, it trains responsible professionals and committed leaders. The productive, encouraging, and friendly education environment provided by the university helps the students to thrive, develop professionalism, learn, become well-educated, and pursue career goals. The Department of Educational Leadership will help me to become a good leader, be a successful researcher, and provide high-quality consultative service to numerous educational institutions.

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The Doctor of Education Degree in Educational Leadership is a program in Administration and Supervision that prepares students for becoming practitioners or professors in the field of education. In addition, the program teaches the students to serve in the leadership roles in primary, secondary, governmental, adult, and technical schools, community colleges, as well as universities.

The doctoral program provides students with knowledge and skills for a variety of leadership positions. It is interesting to carry out a research project that is required by the program. This is a good opportunity to develop writing and data collection skills and make well-grounded conclusions. I find that the programs provided to Doctors of Education, which presuppose strategic leadership, instructional leadership, organizational leadership, community, and political leadership, as well as research and evaluation, are of vital importance for my future career and professional development.

Most careers require advanced education. That is why I would like to further my education. In order to win the battle on the road to career success, it is necessary to acquire a variety of skills and cultivate a strong professional reputation. The program will provide me with stability that is extremely essential for my career goals bringing balance to my life. I seek integrity, excellence and desire to gain knowledge in all my actions related to career. I am going to develop my leadership skills and participate in the training offered.

I will make contributions to the field of educational leadership taking part in various conferences. I am interested in constant research that will improve my knowledge and awareness. The university will prepare me to internships, seminars, workshops, and training programs, which I am going to attend. A comprehensive curriculum provided by the program will give me the appropriate skills to start my career and implement my career goals.

Programs in educational leadership are aimed at training professionals who are interested in enhancing leadership and management skills as well as care about the improvement of the educational environment for both students and teachers. As the program of Educational Leadership combines research methods, theory, and important topics in educational leadership, I will work hard to instruct academic leaders in communication and problem-solving skills. It will help to graduate students to implement the best practices in schools systems.

Educational leaders have a diversity of duties and multiple responsibilities. That is why their backgrounds and experiences vary considerably. Success in the sphere of educational leadership requires a profound understanding of educational processes, empathy with instructors, and insight into the students’ needs. I am sure that the Educational Leadership Program at Clark Atlanta University will foster my leadership skills.

Thus, I am applying to the Doctor of Education in the Educational Leadership Program at Clark Atlanta University to get knowledge in educational leadership, which will be the basis for my future career. The program will bring me a step closer to my dream to improve the educational environment. In addition, Clark Atlanta University is attractive for many students as it encourages a diverse environment providing equal opportunities for students with different cultural, racial, religious, and ethnic backgrounds.

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