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An Interview with General Manager (Davis’ Restaurant)

For the interview, I have chosen the General Manager of Davis’ Restaurant. This restaurant is located at 99 W. Broadway, OR 96201.

1. General Manager has quite broad experience is the restaurant industry. He has been working in that sphere for about 10 years. He had gained his own restaurant several years ago. However, he did not like being the owner, so he became the manager of Davis’ Restaurant.

2. Working for someone has some advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the main disadvantage is that you cannot do what you want and you earn less than the owner does. However, General Manager thinks that working for someone has many benefits for him. The most important benefit is that he is not as responsible as the owner is. Moreover, being an owner of a restaurant is very difficult. Not all people can manage a restaurant and staff, watch the competitors and satisfy clients completely.

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3. Davis’ Restaurant has several suppliers of products and other goods, which are usually constant. General Manager appreciates them and plans the purchases. The staff is employed when someone turns in or when additional staff is needed. General Manager chooses the staff himself and tests employees. General Manager also plans the menu according to the wants of customers and seasons. In addition, he studies the main competitors’ menu periodically and tries to use their benefits to improve the operation of Davis’ Restaurant.

4. Davis’ Restaurant has different clients. They come from various social groups and have different ages. Many families and groups of a friend visit the restaurant. The management of Davis’ Restaurant appreciates the clients and makes everything to enhance their quantity and make them satisfied with the service.

5. The restaurant is popular in all periods. However, evening periods and weekends are the most popular. In these periods, Davis’ Restaurant is often overcrowded.

6. General Manager considers working with people mostly beneficial, which is the main reason why he chose his profession. It is pleasant for him to train staff and to see later the clients’ satisfaction with the staff. Feeling the clients’ pleasure and satisfaction is one of the benefits of working with people. However, such work has also some challenges. General Manager thinks that working with people is very responsible. It is unpleasant for him to see sometimes clients’ dissatisfaction or to hear their opinion that the competitors are better.

7. An important issue is the lack of places. It is vital in the evening hours and weekends when the restaurant may become overcrowded. Clients often complain about that. It becomes difficult for the staff to serve so many clients. There are sometimes problems with delivery from suppliers when the goods are not delivered on time.

8. The issues with delivery are resolved by finding other suppliers or through negotiations with the current suppliers. The problem with the lack of place is more difficult. In the current period of time, Davis’ Restaurant does not have enough money to spread the restaurant territory. However, the re-building of Davis’ Restaurant is planned in the nearest future.

9. The staff is selected and trained well. General Manager selects the employees himself. He tries to choose the workers who have experience of working in restaurants. In addition, he organizes training for them to improve their skills. Training varies for different professions: waiters, barmen, cooks, and other workers.

10. General Manager loves the atmosphere of the restaurant. He worked a lot to make it such. He considers the atmosphere very good and pleasant for the clients, whether they are children, youth or elder people. He considers the atmosphere appropriate for family dinners and meetings with old friends. To his opinion, Davis’ Restaurant is very cozy and comfortable.

11. The cuisine in Davis’ Restaurant is mostly traditional American. The menu proposes a wide range of dishes as well as a good bar. The most popular dishes include various barbeque, burgers, and salads.

12. The prices are reasonable. The price range is approximately $ 10-25.

13. General Manager thinks that the menu of his restaurant fits the atmosphere completely. He considers American cuisine very tasty and popular. Both young and old people love this cuisine. It helps to attract the clients and to make them love Davis’ Restaurant.

My Reaction to the Interview and the Restaurant

My reaction to Davis’ Restaurant was mostly positive. The restaurant looks well. It is clean and comfortable. The staff is nice there, and the clients seem to be satisfied. There are always many visitors there. However, I noticed the problem of overcrowding, too. This takes place often in the evenings and on weekends, and visitors may claim that.

My reaction to the interview is completely positive. General Manager turned to be an interesting and clever person, and it was pleasant to me to interview him. He gave his agreement to be interviewed at once. General Manager answered all my questions in detail. It seems to me that he did not disguise anything. The interview was interesting and useful for me. I got a lot of information about practical work with restaurant management. I hope that this knowledge will help me in the future.

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The List of Questions

1. What kind of experience do you have in the industry?

2. What are the advantages of working for someone else?

3. Describe please the overall operation of Davis’ Restaurant.

4. Who is the clientele?

5. What meal period is the most popular?

6. List please some good points and challenges of working with people, both employees, and customers.

7. What are the major issues that the managers and staff face on a regular basis?

8. How are these issues resolved?

9. How is the training handled?

10. What is the atmosphere of the restaurant?

11. What is the type of menu?

12. What is the price range?

13. How does the menu fit the atmosphere?

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