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Within the bounds of my adolescence psychology course, I have had a chance to interview my neighbor Lora (37), who was very kind to answer my questions about her 14-year-old daughter, Sandra. Their family is intact, although the father is often away on various business trips.

Sandra is a self-confident person, who is always willing to help her friends and family. She has many talents and hobbies; for example, she draws well and collects stickers. Sandra likes sports very much, especially cycling and swimming. In addition, she is a good friend. Sandra does not have many negative qualities; however, she is stubborn sometimes. She has conflicts with her classmates and friends from time to time.

According to Lora, her daughter did not have any deflections. Sandra started talking when she was 7 months old. Her first words were mum and dad. She started to use complex sentences when she was 1 year old. She used the sentences consisting of nearly 4-5 words. She started walking at the age of 13 months. It was a sudden moment, and she walked quite well. Sandra made several attempts before; however, they were not very successful.

Sandra started reading when she was 5 years old. Her parents taught her to read. In the beginning, she was able to read only letters; however, she studied quickly to read whole words and phrases. In the beginning, she had some problems with intonation and words. Nevertheless, she coped with them very quickly. Later, Sandra became fond of reading, and she used to read very well for her age.

Sandra is independent of her nature. She showed that she wants to be independent and do something herself at an early age. She started sitting, going to the toilet and eating independently quite early. Sandra was very successful in eating independently. She studied very quickly to hold a spoon and to eat without making herself dirty.

Sandra was always a sociable child. Even in the period from 1 to 2 years, she had many friends. She communicated almost with every child in the neighborhood. She liked to speak and play with girls and boys. Sandra preferred to communicate with the children of her age; however, she tried to communicate with elder children as well. They were interesting to her because they were more experienced and knew more. In addition, she liked it when elder children told something interesting. In the period from 3 to 5 years, Sandra communicated much more. She started to communicate with adults too. She liked adults, and she asked them many questions and listened to their answers with great attention.

Sandra started asking many questions about the outside world when she was two years old. The spheres of interest were various. She was very interested in all the people in our family and neighborhood. She asked their names and other characteristics. She managed to remember names very quickly. By the age of three, she knew well all our neighbors and friends. In addition, she asked much about different things. Sandra wanted to know everything about all things in our house, for example, how TV set worked, of what materials furniture was made, etc. She asked much about nature as well. She wanted to know much about animals: what they ate, what size they had. Moreover, she asked about plants, sun, and sky.

In the period from four to five years, Sandra liked sports and drawing. Actually, she did not draw before; however, once she saw an artist drawing in the street, she was amazed. Sandra asked the artist to show her paints and brushes, and after that, she started drawing almost every day. She liked to draw animals. When she was five, she started cycling and swimming. She has been good progress in these sports very quickly. At the age of six, Sandra liked pets very much. Lora said that they had a dog and a cat, and Sandra spent much time playing with them; she liked to feed them and to take care of them. She also liked TV shows and films about pets. Sandra has got a lot of new friends at school. As already mentioned before, she is a good friend. She almost never argues with her friends.

Sandra studied and continues to study quite well. She is among the best in her class. Sandra always liked to go to school and learn something new and interesting there. Lora tries to encourage her and praises her daughter for good marks and knowledge. According to Lora, she always praises her daughter when she (Sandra) tries to study something in addition to the basic school knowledge. In fact, Sandra always studied well. However, she had some trouble with Math in the fifth form. To cope with those problems, her parents helped her to study Math, and she has managed to overcome these issues very quickly.

As it was mentioned above, Sandra has many hobbies. At the age of nine or ten, Sandra started collecting stickers. She started it because she had many friends who collected stickers too. Sandra collected and still collects mostly stickers with animals. She became very good at swimming and cycling. Last year, Sandra won the second prize of the School Bicycling Championship. Sandra continues drawing; she draws quite well, and she has visited special drawing classes for a year. She likes films and TV shows, however, she prefers films and shows about animals and sports, as well as popular movies and TV shows for teenagers.

Sandra is very sociable and has many friends as a result. She finds new friends everywhere – in the neighborhood, at school, at sports, etc. Sandra argues with her friends very rarely. She tries to avoid conflicts or to solve them without arguing. Nevertheless, Sandra has three best friends. She has known them since she was five or six years old. They are her real friends, whom she can tell some secrets, and she always listens to their pieces of advice.

Sandra has always been very sociable. However, she became less sociable when she went to school. Scholl was a bit stressful for her. She met with many new people, found herself in a new environment, had a new requirement, and some new fears. However, she coped with this problem quite easily (during a month) and found many new friends there.

Sandra’s life position is mostly active. She is a leader. She always tries to study something new, to find new friends, etc. She has already some goals for her future. Lora thinks that Sandra does not have romantic relations. There are many boys among her friends. They communicate well and have few conflicts. Sandra finds it very interesting to communicate with boys because in most cases they have common interests with her.

Sandra has several main goals and many less important ones. Her main goals are long-term. She plans to continue studying well because she wants to study at university. Sandra wants to become either a designer or a physical education teacher. It is hard to make a choice for her because she is good both in drawing and in sports. Less important goals of Sandra are usually short-term. For example, she wants to get a good mark for her school test or to win a prize in sports competitions.

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