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Elisa D’ passion was to assist families to deal with their mental health needs, as well as to improve their marriage and family relationships. To pursue this desire, Elisa D. pursued her academics up to master’s degree level, as well as a course on marriage and family issues with expertise in family counseling, ethics in research, and group counseling complete with 500 hours of practicum.

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In current practice, what Elisa D. likes most is meeting several couples in therapy sessions, along with working on the issues of family communication and marriage issues. According to her, the best approach for a therapeutic relationship is the mode of expectation at the beginning and the session goals.

Together with doing counseling, Elisa D. also advocates mainly for people who do not have medical insurance, for them to benefit from therapeutic service they highly need. It comes out clear that people seek mental health services without even having medical insurance.

The use of professional policies and regulations by professional bodies, government institutions, as well as accredited organizations have been helpful to mental health counselors. These rules and policies provide the limits of what should be done or should not be done by professional mental health counselors. Other than just regulating, these policies define the extent to which the counselors should treat their current and past clients. This interview did not only open my professional expectations but also helped me to learn what is expected of a professional mental health counselor.

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