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Les Miserables is a real masterpiece and a classic example of world cinematography. It is a grandiose project and an incredibly spectacular picture that evokes strong emotions. The scale of the work is impressive; the great effort has been made by each actor to achieve the perfect image of his/her character, many people were used as extras, and it is evident that decorations, hairstyles, and makeup were prepared with special care. It is difficult and not always a reasonable task to turn the classic book into a musical. However, it is successfully solved in this case.

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The movie makes people sympathize, laugh, and cry. One cannot put into words the feelings that fill the viewer’s soul after watching this movie. The amazing beauty of arias, fantastic acting, and smart shooting are the reasons why this movie should be watched.

The director managed to fill the movie with such emotions that cause tears to roll down the faces of people. However, a couple of innkeepers bring much stunning humor into this barrel of tears. A good movie should be full of contrasts: from choking tears to a loud laugh. It is a real masterpiece.

It should be said that the created images are gorgeous. The characters of Jean Valjean, Javert, Fantine, Cosette, Marius, and Eponine are completely different and absolutely accurate. The actors are wonderfully chosen not only by appearance but also by voice. The viewer sympathizes with Volitional Jean Valjean, unquestioned Javert, downtrodden Fantine, gentle Cosette, romantic Marcus, and Eponine who was mad about love. Each of these actors touches the soul, the viewer knows each of them, and everyone provokes a unique perception.

The film is different from the other works of this genre because it is incredibly realistic. The songs of the personages reflect the essence: feelings of the characters and events occurring in the frame. The movie critics confess that this film is a fascinating and quite atmospheric one.

The musical is a brilliant screening of an immortal book by Victor Hugo. It should be watched by both those who adore this book and those who have not read it yet.

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