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Letter of Recommendation

Dear Program Director,

I am writing this letter to give my highest recommendation for Mr. O. I know Mr. O. through his work at Jackson Park Hospital where he practiced under my supervision for 6 weeks starting August 12 to September 20. Mr. O. worked in the Department of Family Medicine where I was his attending physician. JPH has a diverse array of patients from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and his ability to build a comfortable and trusting environment for each of these patients is remarkable. He showed an immense interest in Family Medicine, which is evident in his involvement in the cases and his approach towards his patients.  During the summer, Mr. O. demonstrated the ability to work independently and with a lot of enthusiasm and creativity. He put a lot of long hours and worked hard to ensure that he was successful at what he was doing. I teamed up with Mr. O. to work on a project that involved performing history, differential diagnosis, and physical examination on patients. Mr. O. excelled in each of the areas and must be commended for his excellent interpersonal skills. I actually consider Mr. O. very hard-working, exhibiting excellent clinical and analytic skills as well as professional ethics, which he showed during his rotation when he was actively involved in inpatient and outpatient service exposing. Moreover, at the end of rotating, I discovered him as serving one of the first-year resident roles.

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Mr. O. worked well with other JPH staff including students, resident staff, and patients. The whole team commented favorably about working with Mr. O. They said that he got along well with everyone and had the ability to compromise with other team members. This was further noted through his professionalism in dealing with patients and understanding that healing is more than just medicine. Mr. O. found for himself that a doctor-patient relationship goes into personal lives and involves giving advice.

We had a few moments to chat upon meeting, and I learned that Mr. O. is currently taking the supplementary online courses from Western Governor University for his Master’s degree in Healthcare Management. This is a nontraditional route for aspiring physicians, and I was intrigued. Mr. O. also displays leadership qualities. He has a special interest in practicing family medicine and with an opportunity, at your institution, he will develop into an exceptional professional.

In summary, Mr. O. is clearly the best student I have worked within the last decade. I would very much like him a match to the residency program. Although I hope that he stays at Jackson Park Hospital, I think he would be an outstanding asset to your program. I give Mr. O. my highest recommendation.

Sincerely, Family Medicine, Attending Physician,

Jackson Park Hospital and Medical Center.

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