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Letter to My Grandma

Dear Grandma,

How are you doing? I hope you are fine, as I am. As you know, I am a student and I have come across various terms in my IT and business classes. It is a pleasure for me to pass the knowledge I have gathered to you, my lovely grandma.

One of the most important terms I have learned is a database that simply refers to a well-organized set of data in a company. In a business scenario, we could take an example of the availability of rooms in the hotel organized in a manner that supports the hotel’s processes. Dear grandma, a distributed database refers to a database whose storage devices are not attached to a common processing unit, such as the central processing unit (CPU). An example of the business use of a distributed database is the physical location of different technological items across departments to enhance integrity and accountability.

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More so, data mining is the process that involves computations with the aim of establishing patterns in large sets of data entailing methods at the intersection of statistics, machine learning and database systems. It is commonly utilized in businesses to simplify complicated data into simpler terms that can be understood by everyone. Objected oriented database refers to a database management system, where information is brought out to inform of objects. For example in business, it is commonly utilized to develop products, store them, and modify them when necessary. This is emphasized by its capacity to represent them as objects.

Lastly, grandma, there is Online analytical processing (OLAP). This is a technique for responding to multi-dimensional analytical (MDA) questions faster. Its business use commonly relates to business intelligence that accommodates matters such as report writing. It is used in reporting business sales, budgeting and forecasting, and management reporting.

I believe that you have gained some knowledge on these issues and I am proud of you, grandma.

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