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Marketing Plan nursing learning program

Designing a working and effective marketing plan for any product or service requires concise knowledge about the product or service, the target market, and the results that one needs to achieve. Besides, the marketer is required to know what the target market needs to achieve or the utility that can be derived by the product or service. To get acquainted with the offered product, it is presented as a nursing learning program for evidence-based practice. The program seeks to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice in nursing as a profession. The program targets institutions of learning and research in nursing and healthcare, whose aim is to improve the quality of learning and practice in nursing and caregiving, as well as research in the area.

With the target market narrowed down to institutions of learning in nursing, and the product being new in the market, personal selling stands out as an appropriate marketing strategy. The rationale behind the application of this strategy is that the program developers can easily reach out to the colleges who teach nursing. Personal selling also allows the program’s developers to convince the target market to purchase and implement the program by breaking down the benefits of employing the service in nursing programs. Besides, personal selling allows the seller to clarify any possible issues.

If the target market is spread across a large geographical area, personal selling may involve extra travel costs. However, this fact remains true as far as the traditional personal selling approach is concerned. With the advancement of technology, the seller can reach out to the target market through video conferencing, telephone, or even email, thereby reducing the marketing costs. In some regions, opinion makers and policy developers conduct periodic meetings. Therefore, developers of the learning program can utilize such meetings as a marketing strategy. In conclusion, personal selling enables the seller to penetrate the market better.

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