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Marketing medical services

Marketing medical services can be quite challenging in the conditions of tight competition and the absence of market positioning. For OB/GYN clinics targeting women, a marketing plan should be circled around the interests of women and their primary interest in their maternity health and the development of practices, which help, manage menopause problems and child birth related processes.

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The marketing goal of the OB/GYN clinic is to gain at least 40% of the market share, which is 13927 woman, despite the presence of other clinics of this type in Springfield. In order to achieve this goal, marketing objectives are applied. For the OB/GYN clinics, getting new customers in the demographical segment of women aged 18-64 years old is rather a challenging task as these consumers are not likely to change their habits according to existing research data (Mohan & Naik, 2006; Fortenberry, 2011).

Marketing objectives are therefore based on customer loyalty. Such strength of the product as location (convenience of the quiet area in the parking zone, which is free from stress and the city sounds), highly qualified staff which can be a perfect marketing instrument, and targeted orientation on the women market maintain the primary marketing objective – customer engagement through serviced loyalty programs.

Another important marketing objective which can drive the number of customers and increase the market share is investing in research and technology to constantly improve and expand a variety of services. In this case, the personalization of medical services takes place.

Finally, the ultimate marketing objective is an annual increase in market share by at least 15% which can finally result in OB/GYN clinic owning 40% of the total target population on the market. The instruments that are used in this case are households and needs an application for each of the customers.

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