Mistakes in the Pellet Gun Safety Warnings Diagram

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The pellet gun diagram that was released by the defense training department has several mistakes that need to be addressed. I have found it important to write a memorandum to inform you of the mistakes and seek the assistance of the training department. One key observation, it is clear that the diagrams have been presented with the poor organization of ideas. The issue of handling weapons should be taken with consideration and the provision of clear information.

Instructions on how to use and handle a gun should be clear and systematic. They should be written in a clear way with one section leading to the other. In addition, proper planning of ideas is important to ensure that they are well organized, in a way, that one idea introduces the other in the instructions. For instance, the instructions that indicate the direction of the gun can be misleading. It is because they do not define the safe direction for storing the gun. The instructions do not have adequate information concerning the usage of a gun. The information provided throughout the text is insufficient and fails to provide precise guidelines.

The instructions can offer a challenge to first learners. They can find it difficult to master the instruction since the terms used are confusing while others have more than one meaning. For instance, the use of magazines throughout the text may confuse readers. Words should be chosen in a wise way to offer a clear meaning to any piece of technical meaning. Terms that show more than a single meaning must be utilized in a proper way or be given an explanation or definition. A definition will enable them to bring out the meaning precisely. The piece of writing shows a lack of professionalism and cannot be relied upon by first learners. First learners need clear information to avoid been misled. In other words, technical writing and communication require proficiency.

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