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I have decided to study at LIBT because I would like to connect my life with business.

I am convinced that studying at this university will give me extensive knowledge and necessary skills for obtaining a prestigious profession. Furthermore, I am highly interested in commercial activity and dream to start my own business. Studying at LIBT will become my first step to a successful future.

As with any other student, I have some strengths and weaknesses. I am hard-working and persistent. I try to set achievable goals that will motivate me to move forward. The main objective for me is not to waste time. Every minute can be useful, every second can bring invaluable knowledge. In addition, I am very ambitious and try to do my best in order to reach success. However, sometimes, I get too concentrated on one issue and forget about another. Often, I can be easily distracted by outer factors.

One of the most annoying habits of mine is postponing everything to tomorrow’s workday. I am trying hard to get rid of this habit. In the future, I would like to develop a habit of keeping a diary. I think it is a great idea to write down your ideas that can become useful in the future.

Bill Gates is the role model for me. He is an excellent businessman who created the most powerful software corporation. Despite the fact that he did not finish Harvard University, he proved that exceptional knowledge and a brilliant idea can become a profitable business. Bill Gates is a real philanthropist, and he donates a lot of money to charity. He is a real example of a person not obsessed with money but tries to share it with those who need financial help. I want to follow his footsteps – to earn a fortune but remain benevolent.

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