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We have familiarized with the multitasking case study. Working with this case study helps to underline the main concept clearly, i.e. multitasking attracts some risks, which affect the management process. If a manager is engaged in multiple amounts of projects, it results in misconduct and low rate of performance. Thus, the author of the article presents several programs, which can help to overrun such problems. The author has considered the “MS project” program as an example of such activities. According to the given information, application “MS project” shows its effectiveness in the creation of schedule and spreading of tasks among human resources available to the project (Grenshaw, 2008).

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There are many situations when the offered theory finds its application and connection. For example, a manager has almost freed his/her time and started the work according to the plan trying to concentrate the attention on it. However, the concentration of the employee is not high enough and a sudden message from the partner switches the manager’s mind to the new event. Reading the message and finding an answer to it prevent the manager from returning to the work under the project. The process we call multitasking, as it is hard to direct one unit of human resources to many tasks.

The hard pace of business development and time limits induce managers to maintain many processes simultaneously. However, in the result of such kind of activity, the principal issues remain undone. With the help of the application presented by the author, any manager can schedule his/her day and plan it accordingly to their significance (Byatt, Hamilton, & Hodgkinson, 2011).

Application of new information technologies in management activity is a great instrument, but many people are not familiar with the software designed for this reason. For example, there is an effective quadrat method of time management, which makes the management process easier. Using this method manager can distinguish important and critical things that should be done immediately without interruptions and distractions. It helps to concentrate on the main issues, so the case of multitasking can be avoided (Mind Tools).

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