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In my current job, I have to use leadership skills constantly and extensively to make reasonable decisions and implement successfully required strategies. First of all, I strive for effective communication within my team as it is important for finalizing tasks on time and achieving good results. Also, I develop my ability to multitask and solve problems. Sometimes, I have to work under pressure or handle stressful situations. Leadership requires being more creative and decisive (Kase, 2010). Moreover, a true leader never stops developing personally and influencing others to achieve more; therefore, I try to inspire and change my colleagues in a positive way, respecting their individual traits at the same time.

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It is often my responsibility to make an appropriate decision, on which other employees depend. As different styles of choosing between two options exist, I have to be wise while considering each. It can happen that an abundance of possibilities brings the process to a standstill (Kase, 2010). Nevertheless, from time to time, I try a new style to see what functions best for my team. For instance, I have used consensus decision-making, which served as an alternative to traditional voting. I summoned the employees and suggested to them the discussion of a strategic option, asking them to decide whether it was good for the majority.

The technique proved to be very effective as it promoted democracy, solidarity, and equality in the workplace. The employees had a chance to feel valued and included in the important process. Moreover, it facilitated making the choice itself. My idea to try this particular style appeared right and timely. The experience was crucial for both me as a leader and the team. The outcome was also quite favorable. Despite the fact that not all individuals were satisfied with the final choice, they could see that it benefited the situation in general.

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