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Personal Philosophy of Nursing

As a nursing practitioner, I regard my career as the most suitable for me. Despite that working in the sector requires more of commitment than a measure of achievements, nursing gives me a chance to give the best and maximum support to those who need it (patients). It is my obligation to assist doctors by all means and aspects. I work in a referral hospital, where am expected to work closely with physicians and other therapists within the medical institution. As a health care practitioner, nurse, I am expected to come up with a plan of a care schedule to harmonize my duties with those of a physician. The referral hospital is busy. We receive serious cases that require a great care and urgent attendance to patients. My major roles within my line of duty are to diagnose patients and prescribe medications. The current paper seeks to provide my personal philosophy in nursing by critically looking at its definition, assumptions, and beliefs, domains, and a summary of challenges, vision, and personal development in the sector.

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Definition and History of Nursing

Nursing is the profession that seeks to provide care and enhance people’s welfare regarding to health. The profession came into existence after the need rose to have extra care to the sick or injured. Around the 19th century, the role of taking care of patients involved nuns (Green, 2012). As the time passed, it became a career because many people started to show interest in offering services. Florence Nightingale is regarded as a founder of nursing profession. During the Crimean war, nursing was needed. Therefore, education of nurses spread throughout many countries in Europe and North America during the 17th century (Holt, 2014). Nursing has been receiving support from governmental and other nongovernmental organizations. In ensuring standardized and acceptable services, nurses are supposed to be registered as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). In most countries, a certain level of education qualification is necessary for one to qualify as a Registered Nurse (RN).

In the past, physicians required people to assist them to discharge their duties effectively. It became necessary for nurses to be trained to take care of the sick. Nursing exists in various institutions; schools, hospitals, camps, and even in military premises (Green, 2012). The nursing services have also been extended to offering home services, indoor services. The services have also been pushed to other institutions like insurance where they offer pieces of advice and other forms of health consultancies. The rise in demand for nursing services has caused practitioners to shift from one institution to another; these are the temporary nurses. Nurses are also common in research institutions, laboratories, and universities. Some of them also work in health advocacy.

Nursing has given me the best opportunity to serve my people. It has been my great achievement to see myself helping weak and sick people. It has and will be my ever best career. I practice nursing as a way of giving back to my society and also a way of earning my income. I have realized my passion in helping people; and hence nursing has been my thing to do.

Assumptions and Beliefs

Nurses are regarded as people who work under an uncomfortable working environment. They are well known to deal with sick people. It should be well noted that nursing should be one’s passion. It calls for more dedication rather than struggle to earn. One can hear people saying that those in nursing have never attained the minimum grade to join the medical school. When people carry with themselves such ideologies they end up having a negative attitude towards nursing. Everybody should understand that all nurses want the best for all; and hence people should change such perceptions (Green, 2012). The extra time nurses devotes themselves is meant for the best of people. Many individuals do not understand that nursing takes more than just nurturing. It is hectic to convince some ideological people that a nurse is not just a handmaiden to a physician but can work best independently. I believe that the relationship between nurses and patients is founded under the premises of care as well as protection. The need of interdisciplinary cooperation should, therefore, not be underrated.

Patients deserve a proper treatment and nurture from nurses. The expectation of every nurse is that the patient will comply with his or her directives (Green, 2012). In cases of non-compliance the nursing practitioner assumes the responsibilities of investigating the causes of problems the patient is experiencing. Scientifically, the treatment is and will benefit the patient. It gives use of the assumption that the sick person will follow any advice offered to him or her for his or her own benefit (Kikuchi, 2014). The environment at which the nurses’ work is quite busy requires creativity and diligence.

The healthcare providers should be the most transparent and diligent institution (Holt, 2014). I believe that they may be of different levels or from different backgrounds. The most important thing should be an approach in handling the patient’s cases. It should be standardized to ensure high quality services. The physician among other health medic professionals should promote nurses rather than despise them.

I believe that the community has a great expectation towards nurses. They have our trust and faith in our services. It is an important thing to recognize them as our esteemed clients. The society ought to have the best services in a form of treatment, advice or any other beneficial service that will help improve their health. As a profession, the nurse must understand fully the nature of the community. Many patients may not be willing to comply with the guidelines of their nursing practitioners.

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Domains in Nursing

Health is regarded as the awareness, empowerment and also self mastery (Green, 2012). Nursing is driven by the principles that direct life processes and the wellbeing of the society. It is the role of the nurse to promote lifestyle behaviors and improve people responsibilities. Nurses should strive to come up with methods of better improvement of health conditions of society.

Persons in this context are patients. There should be a close and harmonious relation between the nurses and the patients. They deserve the best services from the nursing practitioners. The patients in this cases the persons relies most in the services offered by nurses.

The nursing environment has been rated as one of the highly demanded one among other work environment settings. Nurses are required to integrate relevant technologies for the improvement of health care. As a nursing practitioner, one is expected to embrace the culture in which he or she is working in. The integration of technology in the nursing environment has resulted to improvement in health standards (Kikuchi, 2014).

The circumstance around is regarded as the whole embodiment and involving the social system, family, cultures, and also the available surroundings. Everywhere human is expecting interaction, for a better performance of the nurses environment ought to be supportive. A healthy environment should be maintained (Holt, 2014).

Summary of Challenges, Vision, and Personal Development

Nursing requires one to be competent. All nurses must be ready to care for and safeguard the public. As a nurse, one ought to have various virtues that will motivate her or him to be an exemplary nursing practitioner and discharge the duties accordingly. Among the qualities there are; professionalism and integrity at work, compassionate, person-centered, evidenced-based among others. The nurse must be responsible for any actions he or she undertakes. It is expected that nursing practitioners should work autonomously and hence be accountable for any resultant outcomes. Teamwork is also very essential in the achievement of a nurse goal (Holt, 2014). There should be a valid consultation between nurses and other health practitioners like the physician to ensure proper service delivery. Nurses ought to be non-judgmental while offering their services. As a practitioner one is expected to know his or her responsibilities and add more knowledge where it is necessary to improve skills. For instance, the nurse should discriminate certain patients based on their kind of illnesses or tribal background.

Nursing practitioners play an important role in steering health sector. The major role of nurses is to ensure that the public is in good health. The great contribution of nursing in the health area cannot be underrated. Nursing contributes greatly in ensuring that there is a less workload to the physician which, in turns, enables the physician attends many patients (Green, 2012). The creativity of nurses has led to the improvement in the health sector. Many nursing practitioners are working independently in providing basic paramedics services both at home and at work

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Nursing is faced by various challenges. Firstly, the career is risky and more demanding in terms of time and energy. Working as a nurse will be stressful. One must tolerate the non-compliance of patients. Nurses are able to deliver as expected from them. The working environment of nursing keeps on changing depending on the number of patients. Most are times the number when the sick persons visiting the hospital may be overwhelming. It causes the nurses to be overloaded with a lot of work yet they have to oversee the large turn up of patients. The integration of all the domains becomes one whole unity (Green, 2012). Their harmonization will gear up the service delivery of nurses. The components described above must be incorporated properly for effective and efficient nursing services.

Nursing is expected to thrive to great heights. Nurses will be required to sensitize and educate the public on the importance and the need of healthy life. I see nursing as an envied and respected profession for some time to come. As a nurse practitioner I have to improve my skills through advancing in my career. I will devote most of my time to providing my services to those who require those most of all. Nursing will be my passion. I have to do it as my best activity. Nursing requires creativity and advancement of skills. Learning from experience and from my colleagues who are well trained nurses will help me improve my standards. I believe the advancement in academic will greatly contribute to my professional development.


I would use my paper to influence and change the negative attitude people might have developed towards our profession. The challenges covered by my paper should be the solid entity to convince the government and the whole society of the need to support nursing. Students pending to join the profession should as well learn from what we have gone through. It is a pivotal thing to create awareness to nurses that nursing is real nurturing not only for income. The assumptions we hold against our clients among other bodies of concern help us deliver services with less or no biases. To improve and enhance nursing other gears like technology should be incorporated. Proper training of nurses will be of equal importance. It is undeniable that technologies have improved all sectors of government so it will for nursing. My job as a nursing practitioner means that I work closely with other medical practitioners like a physician.

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