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In the movie “Planet of the Apes”, all people are treated as unintelligent beasts.

Tim Burton is a director who is an extremely talented artist; he has an extraordinary and expressive mind and does not look for an easy way in cinematography. He is a person who seeks both to entertain the audience and, on the other hand, to surprise and impress it! Darwinian scientists and religious leaders strain their voices in endless arguments and debates on the origin of men. All of them defend their theories by the irrefutable and undeniable, in their view, scientific pieces of evidence and historical facts. Tim Burton has made an attempt to answer this eternal question. This answer is extremely simple as well as brilliant. In his masterpiece, he decided to make something that would differ from anything that was created before, and he did it in his own manner, That is why, almost all the theories of evolution are presented in this movie. Here, the cinemagoers may find a man who originated from an ape, as well as an ape who originated from a man. The supporters of the religious theory will enjoy the mention of Simus god, while ufologists will like the fact that people explored the space. This story is quite fantastic; it is difficult to imagine that it can be real. However, as odd as it may sound, Tim Burton could make this movie rather plausible. Of course, he added some dreamlike elements that are characteristic of his style. These elements hide frightening, intimidating and baffle effect and even try to hide the hint that, maybe, such a reality will exist in the future. After watching the movie there arises the thought that nearly thirty years ago people knew nothing about mobile phones and the internet. What if it is a possible reality for people? However, the idea of the film is much deeper. The director also emphasizes on the impermissibility of cruel treatment of animals.

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Humanity is so carelessly disposed of the Earth because people think that they are the masters of the world, but it is hard to imagine that another being can deny their rights.

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