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Wiki project group assignment has largely contributed to a more deep understanding of specific issues. The global project of the group is Internal Corporate Social Media. Each group member has analyzed a certain part of the general assignment. My contribution was working on the global use of internal social media.

Internal social media may be described as an efficient collaboration between the organization’s personnel. Sharing of knowledge within the organization may be encouraged in this way. Moreover, internal social media may even contribute to cost reduction. It means that this type of media may contribute to higher monetary results of the organization. It seems that more efficient communication and information exchange will also indirectly promote financial results. A specific set of procedures should be introduced within the organization in order to optimize the use of internal social media. Relationships among the organization’s members may be improved with the help of corporate social networks. Internal social media creates additional possibilities and a free environment for the organization’s personnel that may lead to higher productivity and efficiency. This type of media may contribute to reaching new levels of communication in the external environment. New skills are supposed to enable the organization’s members to interact with customers, partners, etc.

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The employees’ qualification is also supposed to increase after more widespread implementation of internal social media. Moreover, employees receive additional opportunities. They are able to list their job experience and talents. In fact, the operation of personnel is supposed to become more open and integrated into the global economic and social world. The organization’s managers are able to perform their functions in a more efficient way, as well. They are able to search for employees with particular skills and evaluate their work accordingly. This deregulation may produce better results than outsourced specialists. The average costs of production are supposed to diminish.

The managers may also use internal social media for other purposes. First of all, all information flows will be intensified, which creates additional opportunities as under current conditions, information may be considered as one of the most valuable resources. Brainstorming may be used in some difficult cases. In order to organize it, internal social media may be helpful. In this way, they allow generating new ideas and finding new solutions. It is generally recognized that almost any company is able to increase its productivity if it uses hidden resources of its personnel. Social networks may help to determine these hidden resources. It will be beneficial both for the organization as a whole and its individual members. The organization will improve its performance and economize scarce resources, and its members will increase their knowledge, skills, and remuneration. The open and creative environment may be established with the help of internal social media.

It seems that employees may be able to make some proposals independently of their managers’ supervision. It will create a wide range of possible solutions to existing and potential problems. Moreover, the career development of some employees may be encouraged. Thus, internal social media will lead to more flexible organizations. It seems that it may constitute an additional source of competitive advantage in the long run.

My part of the group project is closely related to the work of other team members. Their sections include building networks, corporate use of blogging, virtual hiring/recruiting, and formal and informal networks. All these parts may be considered as being independent, to some extent, but they are integrated into the general project. The experience of participating in the Wiki project group assignment is very useful for me. It has contributed to my knowledge, skills, and deeper understanding of teamwork.

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