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Sales Promotion Plan

Promotion is one of the marketing’s mixes whereby a firm communicates directly with the actual or potential customers concerning their products or services (Yeshin, 2006). This is aimed at influencing customers to purchase a company’s product or service other than those of the competitors. Sales promotion refers to the short-term incentives that are offered to customers to encourage them to buy a company’s product or service. Bearing in mind that the product that is aimed at being promoted is a nutrition application; it will be used by the doctor and patients. In addition, it will enable them to scan food products; provides nutrition information on products; track their diet; and synchronize the information gathered with their medical records. Therefore, the nutrition application provides patients with a way to keep his or her doctor informed on the patient’s diet and eating habits. Some of the sales promotion plan issues I intend to use include:

1. Analyzing the tactics or strategies to use in sales promotion

2. Determining the costs incurred in sales promotion

3. Determine how the promotion tactic will support my marketing objectives

In analyzing suitable tactics that I will use in promoting my product it is necessary to conduct research while remembering the needs of the customer. Some of the sales promotion strategies that can be used include pull, push or combination of the two strategies. Pull strategy is aimed at convincing customers to pull the product themselves from the producer through the marketing channel. Push strategy is aimed at convincing intermediaries to push a product through intermediaries to the target customers. The last strategy is one that combines the two forms of promotion. In this case, while using sales promotion for this product, I will consider the use of the combination strategy of sales promotion. This will enable both customers and marketers to be at ease. In sales promotion to be able to reach out to a wider market, the cost that I intend to incur is $ 100,000. This will be in the form of the products that will be offered to customers for promotion. This sales promotion tactic will enable me to meet the marketing objectives effectively. This will be through its ability to reach a wide market share or ability to convince either actual or potential customers.

Advertising Plan

Advertising is one of the promotions mixes that that is paid for by a sponsor (MacRury, 2009). This can be done through billboards, television, radio, or magazines among other strategies. Some of the advertising plans I intend to incorporate include:

1. To determine the budget to be incurred during the advertisement

2. To determine the target audience

3. Outline the content of the advertisement

4. Determine the media to use

5. Determining the frequency of advertising

6. Determine how effective advertisement will be both to customers and to the organization, as well.

The total budget I intend to use for advertisement is the same as that I intend to incur for sales promotion that is $ 100,000. This will be incurred in placing the billboards, placing the advert on radio, and the adverts on television. This will gather for the entire time that the advertisement will be necessary. This advertisement will be targeted at the doctors and patients of all ages. Some of the contents that will be contained in the advert include how patients will be able to scan food, nutrition information for the product, how to track diet, and how to synchronize the information gathered with their medical records. For this nutrition application product, I will consider advertising it through the use of billboards, television, and radio. This is to enable the advertisement to reach a large market share. In addition, it will ensure that the advertisement of the product reaches even those targeted people in the remote areas together with the deaf and even the blind. This advertisement will be effective as it will reach all the people at the same time the cost I will incur will be manageable.

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