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School Improvement Plan

Jackson County School District is an education service agency. The State of Michigan in collaboration with local public schools facilitates the programs in the institution. LLC carried out a survey and the data analysis of the needs assessment in the school. In fact, the analysis posed many questions to parents and the community members. Actually, the results revealed some weaknesses present in the institution that require immediate adjustments. Therefore, the paper provides an improvement plan aimed at solving the important issues in Jackson school.

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Improvement Plan

Teachers Qualification

The survey revealed that 26.9% of the sample strongly agreed, 66.4% agreed, 2.2% did not know, 4% disagreed and 0.5% strongly disagreed with the survey questions. In fact, the survey ranked the school fairly regarding the teachers’ professionalism. However, there is a need to ensure that only the right teacher remains in the institution that is required for the excellent performance. Therefore, the plan outlines the required mechanisms to improve the qualification of the teachers.

Actually, the administration should recruit the teachers with the experience to treat the students effectively. Such a change will help the students to get the requisite input from the professionals. Consequently, the school can register the excellent performance (EGOV (Conference) et al., 2015). Moreover, the school should offer programs that improve the quality of teaching such as workshops and team-building exercises. Such programs will improve the effectiveness of the teachers.

Tutoring and Students’ Motivation

According to the survey, 16.7% strongly agreed, 40.18% agreed, 7.3% disagreed, 0.8% strongly disagreed, and 35.2% did not know about the qualification of the teacher and the motivation of the students. In order for the school to improve the effectiveness of the tutors, the school needs to make them build personal relationships with the students. Such a decision helps in building trust and confidence between the teacher and the students (Howes, 2015). In addition, the tutor needs to communicate with other teachers, parents, and students to map a better success plan for them aimed at improving accountability.

School Nurses and Students’ Education

Actually, the question about the contribution of the school nurses to the improvement of the attendance and achievements of the students received 53.7% of positive answers and 42.7% of negative answers. Therefore, the school should encourage the nurses to give medical referrals to the students. In fact, the decision can make them contact appropriate medical centers in time to avoid cases of emergency. Moreover, the school should employ professional nurses to increase the school attendance.

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Federal Funds

Actually, the research revealed that 17.7% of the sample strongly agreed, 54.8% agreed, 6.2% disagreed, 1.1% strongly disagreed, and 20.2% did not know whether the school management spends the federal funds effectively. Such a statistics brings a lot of concern that the people, who oversee the management of the school, do not know how the funds are used. Thus, the plan recommends that the school needs to engage independent auditors to assess their accounting records. Moreover, the outcome of such auditing should be presented publicly to enhance accountability and public trust (Newport, 2010).

Effectiveness of the Teachers’ Instructional Strategies

The research revealed the following data regarding the condition mentioned above: 23.4% of the sample strongly agreed, 65.1% agreed, 5.9% disagreed, 1.1% strongly disagreed, and 4.6% did not know. Therefore, the teachers should use a combination of instructional strategies including lectures, discussion, and labs in order for the school to improve the student achievement. In fact, such instructional studies engage the students and enable them to provide discussions effective.

The School Leadership Guidance

The research revealed that 16.7% of the sample strongly agreed, 40.8% agreed, 7.3% disagreed, 0.8% strongly disagreed, while 35.2% did not know about the importance of school leadership. In fact, school leadership is important in shaping the conditions needed for high-quality teaching. The school leadership should be focused on enlisting and guiding the talent of the teachers, the pupils, and the parents towards achieving a certain educational goal. Moreover, there should be an oversight of the authority in order to ensure that the leaders are aware of their roles and spend the requisite time to fulfill them.

Title II Class

What concerns the Title II Class reduction of teacher effectiveness, the research revealed the following data: 26.6% of the sample strongly agreed, 49.7% agreed, 4.6% disagreed, 0.5% strongly disagreed, and not applicable to 18.5%. Despite the above-average positive responses, there is still a need to ensure that the teachers put maximum effort to fulfill their responsibilities. Therefore, the school should increase the teacher-student ratio in this category. Moreover, the school administration should ensure that the teachers have the threshold qualifications for handling the particular grade of the students.

Education Program Quality

According to the research, 24.5% of the sample strongly agreed, 61.8% agreed, 7.8% disagreed, 1.6% strongly disagreed, and 4.3% of the sample was not applicable to the question regarding this factor. Jackson County schools are focused on improving the success of the students. Moreover, the research shows that the schools under consideration have some of the best, brightest, and most dedicated professionals. The school administration should also offer such educational programs as the JCISD and Kit Young Center to support the quality of the service.

Teachers’ Holding High Expectations

The question on whether the teachers hold high expectation regarding the leaning results of the students revealed the following data: 28.5% of the sample strongly agreed, 63.4% agreed, 4.8% disagreed, 0.5% strongly disagreed, and 2.7% did not know. In order to improve the relationship between the students and the teachers, the school should balance between the curricular and core-curricular activities.

Teachers Assisting Students

Actually, the question on whether the teachers assist the students with their assignments revealed the following statistics: 21.0% of the sample strongly agreed, 60.5% agreed, 12.9% disagreed, 1.6% strongly disagreed, and 4% did not know. Even though the positive response to this question was at a high level, the school should still employ motivational factors to the teachers. Consequently, the teachers will replicate it by offering the necessary assistance to the students.

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School Effectiveness

The aftermath of the concern discussed above provided the following data: 28% of the sample strongly agreed, 55.4% agreed, 10.2% disagreed, 2.2% strongly disagreed, and not applicable 4.3%. Thus, Jackson County School is doing a tremendous job in preparing the students for the actual employment. However, the school should employ student-friendly teaching methods as opposed to the traditional ones. Moreover, the school teaching needs to be student-centered. However, the school should offer the practical lessons to make the student aware of the theory in practice.

School and Teachers/Parents Communication

In addition, the research revealed the following data from the question regarding this factor: that 23.1% of the sample strongly agreed, 61.0% agreed, 9.7% disagreed, 3.5% strongly disagree, and 2.7% did not know. According to the survey, only a few people interviewed disagreed to the fact that there is an active parent-teacher communication in Jackson County schools. Despite such a fact, the school should improve on the parental involvement plan, where the teachers meet with the parents and discuss the issues that affect the students. Therefore, this program will ensure that the parents and teachers meet regularly and foster active communication channels. The people, who had no idea about the active communication between the teachers and parents, are, perhaps, the people, who do not closely follow the strategies laid by the school.

School Welcoming Parents

The question on the concept mentioned above revealed the following data: 30.4% of the sample strongly agreed, 57.3% agreed, 7.5% disagreed, 2.7% strongly disagreed, and 2.2% did not know. In fact, the result is positive, since the school has adopted a plan for the parent involvement that helps to create a rapport with them. However, the meetings should be held on a regular basis in order to increase the parents’ cooperation with the school.

Parents Understanding of the School Programs

Following the above situation, 19.6% of the sample strongly agreed, 58.1% agreed, 15.3% disagreed, 3.5% strongly disagreed, and 3.5% did not know the answer to the question regarding this factor. In fact, more than 19% of the sample strongly agrees that the parents have a good understanding of the programs and operations of the school. Therefore, the school administration should make the parents aware of the school activities by sending informative notifications regularly. Such an analysis is an indication that the school already has strong structures to promote parental understanding of the operations and programs.

Satisfied with School

The survey concerning the topic mentioned above showed the following statistics: 32.0% strongly agreed, 57.8% agreed, 6.5% disagreed, 2.4% strongly disagreed, and 1.3% did not know. The findings of the survey show that the majority of people is satisfied with the school as 50% of the people agreed to the question. Actually, numerous involving activities like parental involvement and the various academic programs contribute to such a situation. However, the school needs to improve its performance by employing more qualified teachers and experienced leaders. Moreover, the school should offer in-service programs to the teachers with the aim of improving their technical competence.

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In conclusion, according to the survey conducted, many interviewees appreciated various programs offered by Jackson County school. Only a few people disagreed and this fact is an indication that the school has put much effort to stand out among the rest. However, there is still more room to improve the school services in order to change the perception of the respondents, who have a contrary idea. While following the need to scale up school performance, the plan points out various recommendations. Some of the sensitive areas include the level of teacher qualification. Moreover, the school should work on the relevant instructional strategies in order to improve the understanding and participation of the students during the learning process.

Other areas of concern include involving the parents in the school activities to enhance their contribution to the student performance. The school can only achieve such a goal by holding regular meetings with parents to solve various issues that affect the school.

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