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This course has been extremely resourceful towards not only helping me to change my perception of writing but also my attitude. I was extremely skeptical at the beginning of the course regarding its relevance, but my skepticism was written off with each passing lecture. This is because of the knowledge that the course has imparted to me. This knowledge will not only help me during my time in school but also after finishing school.

I have come to the realization that writing is one of the major ways of building a knowledge bank within one’s brain. Additionally, the course has also helped me discover the various approaches that can be employed in order to obtain a high-quality piece of writing. The myriad of assignments that were administered in the course of the semester has helped practice numerous types of academic writing forms that are in existence. My knowledge was only limited to compositions, but the course has helped me to discover the various types of essays and other academic forms of writing.

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The expository essay that was covered during the course was of particular interest to me. The manner in which the instructor explained the topic made me able to develop a piece of writing from virtually anything that is in existence. When an assignment was administered on the same, I had one of the best nights of my academic career. I enjoyed researching the subject matter from the school library’s database. As it had been taught in class, background research is extremely critical in the process of writing. This research makes the writer familiar with various aspects of the subject matter that is being written on. After researching the topic, I endeavored to formulate a detailed outline for the essay. The outline was to guide me through the essay writing process so that I could not leave any point out. It was such a fulfilling experience to sit down to start writing the essay while enjoying the serene environment of the library.

The essay writing process was, however, not all that rosy. I experienced difficulties in trying to give it a personalized touch considering it was quite an alien subject that I was writing on. Since I had done a lot of research on the topic from different academic materials, it also proved a challenge to avoid plagiarism. I was extremely fulfilled after looking at what I had composed in four hours. The essay looked just as I had planned. All the points in the original outline were sufficiently covered; in addition, the essay encompassed other issues that I had come across in my research but which were missing in the outline. Proofreading and editing was the final part of my essay writing process before submitting it to the instructor.

The feedback of the essay was occasioned by comments from the instructor and my peers. Although I was demoralized with some of the comments, they served to help me look at the essay from the other side. This led me to further tie the loose ends of the essay. It did not come as a surprise to me when it emerged to be the best essay that I had written throughout the course.

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This course has gone a long way towards stimulating my urge to read and write. The writing process taught in the course has also helped me to become more solid in the execution of my work in other courses. Additionally, I believe that the knowledge acquired in the course will help me in my future career in regards to drafting memos, CVs, and cover letters among other official documents. Additionally, the numerous assignments that I have successfully submitted in the course of the semester have helped me discover that writing is the most enjoyable part of the learning process. The growth in my writing has been exponential throughout the course, and I am optimistic that moving forward I will become an extremely accomplished writer.

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