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The Kings Speech

Narrative Structure

“The King’s Speech” was filmed in 2010, directed by Tom Hooper, written by David Seidler. The main parts took Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter. The movie took four Oscars in 2011 for the Best Picture, Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role, Best Achievement in Directing, Best Writing, Original Screenplay and about 113 wins in other categories.

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“The King’s Speech” is a classic Hollywood story about the struggle of the character to look perfect having severe disease and as a result getting a victory over it. The film is based on a true story of the father of the current Queen Elizabeth, the British King George VI, who became a symbol of resistance of British during World War II. This is a story of overcoming stuttering, which from an early age was the cause of his torment, complexes and low self-esteem. All the corrective speech therapies were useless. And only an eccentric self – taught speech therapist Lionel Logue was able to help the unfortunate.

“The King’s Speech” is a film about the lack of freedom. Hundreds of pairs of eyes were turned on the Duke of York while he was speaking, but he failed. The most powerful man in the country has a speaking defect that makes him so close to others. In the minds of the simple men high ranked people do not know the problems of ordinary mortals. Here is the opposite. Life of the Duke of York (Colin Firth), and later the English King, is directed by numerous rules of decency and prohibitions, and this calls only for sympathy. After the death of their father, King George IV, his elder son David (Guy Pearce) took the throne. He wasn’t able to be a good monarch and he loved a woman twice divorced, so he decided to reject. This idea of the lack of freedom of the royals is seen through the whole picture, without getting dim even in the life-affirming film’s final scene, where the King had finally defeated all his fear and he gives an outstanding speech to all his partials about the beginning of the World War II.

“The King’s Speech” is also a film about love. After all, love and the caring wife of George VI Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Laon (Helena Bonham Carter) helped him get rid of the disease and speak well. Watching after the relations of the royal couple on the screen is a pleasure. They are a model of understanding, tolerance, sensitivity, and support in times of joy and bitterness. This high culture of relations between men and women, more leveled in our time, makes the film “The King’s Speech ” a picture of lost values.

“The King’s Speech” is also a picture of high aesthetic culture, the film is retro styled. Each frame is filled with meaning, and every detail breathes history. For example, a poor interior of the working cabinet of Logue (Geoffrey Rush): a textured wall with several layers of old wallpapers, elegant sofa with sagging seat, a kerosene lamp, the phonograph. It is rare that in films of today attention to detail creates a warm atmosphere and causes nostalgic feelings of the past. This does not contradict the atmosphere and slow pace of the picture, inviting us to continuous dialogues and pauses, sharing the pleasure of the play of British actors.

The film is about a will, believe, support and care. It is being together with true friends and family, tolerating all difficulties and being brave enough to start something new. “The King’s Speech” gives an amazing impression. The narrative structure fully presents the story and the plot by different dialogues and details, humor and irony.

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