They Work Long Hours, But What about Results?

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They Work Long Hours but What about Results

People who are not born rich and who are lazy enough not to try to become one, usually go to work, come home, occasionally do some shopping, bring children from school and that is all their life. They have dreams. However, those dreams usually do not come true. Dreams have to be worked upon to become reality. People prefer the quiet life in the comfort, but in order to reach prosperity and success, they should trespass this comfort zone, risk, and do what they have never done before in order to live as they have never lived.

To work long or even hard does not always mean to be successful and wealthy. Usually, in our society, it means to be constantly tired, red-eyed, sleepy, and nervous. Despite this, most people continue to lead such lives mostly justifying themselves by the lack of time, no other choice, and the need to feed the family – reasons which can be called neither valid nor even good enough. The other set of usual lame excuses include being too old, over-weight, not qualified, too short, and the list can go on and on.

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In the article “They Work Long Hours, But What about Results?”, Robert Pozen shows us just another side of how people waste their time on doing what they are not fond of. I have made a conclusion – due to the fact that if you really like to do what you do, you will always keep yourself busy, as there is no limit for personal development and qualification upgrade.

People who are inspired and motivated by their work, do their best with pleasure. They can work long hours but still feel full of energy and enthusiasm to continue their work. On the other hand, those who routinely visit their working places just to earn money to maintain some standards of living without getting satisfaction from the job, can neither do well enough at work or feel positive about what they are doing as they simply do not like it.

Moreover, the more we do not like something, the more possibility there is that it will come to our life. The more we want to work fewer hours, have respect from the boss we do not care about, or understanding and supporting colleagues if we do not give them this understanding and support, the more disappointed we will become, as the world does not function by just receiving; the universal laws usually return you what you give tenfold.

I agree with Robert Pozen in most cases, however, I am a maximalist and think that we should do our best in everything we start. To write faster our reports, presentations or any other paperwork thinking that if B-plus is enough, we should not try anymore, is a big failure. Of course, if we possess great communicative skills, and we need also to present our report orally, then there is no need to spend too much time on improving it, however, if the main evaluation lies in the contents of the written document, then it must be done as good as it is possible.

Unfortunately, nowadays we have many incompetent and narrow-minded bosses who do not promote innovative or just effective working strategies if they differ from the traditional or their own. Moreover, they do not promote any initiative from the worker at all. Stresses and low self-esteem are unavoidable in such a case.

To conclude, I would like to say that if we are looking for a beautiful life and what we have right now does not appeal to us much enough, we should do more than we are already doing. To be well-organized and to effectively use time is a key to success. There are no limits to self-development; there is not only one job in the whole world that we can not do. We should look broader and be more open and receptive to the people around us as they are the society we live in, and without this society, we would need neither job nor effective time-using.


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