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Seminar Memo

TO: All Employees

FROM: Human Resources Manager

SUBJECT: Workplace training and Education

The organization is conscious of the payback it gets by supporting sophisticated education for its employees. This is without a doubt evidenced by the affirmative attitudes of the corporate and strategic policies on this matter. The program memo seeks to inform all the employees that the education seminar is set to equip staff with skills of good communication, persuasiveness, and marketing strategies.

The seminar is sponsored by the Coca-Cola Company. The intention of sponsoring is to increase awareness of our company since the two companies are planning to merge. Apart from the above-mentioned skills that are to be taught, the Company seeks to acquaint our employees on the roles and functions of the sister company. The seminar will be conducted in our organization main hall at 1.00 to 3.00 a.m, 2013.

I believe that the seminar will be of help to everybody. The sponsor is also offering sitting allowances to those who will attend the seminar. With reference to our organization policies, seminar attendance is mandatory; hence all employees are encouraged to attend. In order to get more details about the seminar, contact 616-352-7097.


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