Drinking beer

The National Beer Day is coming soon, so here are a couple of fascinating facts that will help you impress your pub friends!

  1. Beer can make you smarter

  2. Well, not permanently, of course. I’m afraid, studying is still the only way to go for that. However, slightly drunk test subjects score better when it comes to some cerebral tasks. For instance, puzzles are so much easier for our inebriated version. However, anything to do with memory and quick reaction suffers, so don’t get too sloshed on trivia night!

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Celebration of the 4th of July

From time immemorial, Americans have celebrated the 4th of July with terrific fireworks that were displayed in public squares. Apart from the grand fireworks, people could have some smaller ones at their homes. Many people, however, have questioned themselves why Americans celebrate Independence Day with fireworks shows. Actually, this tradition goes back to the presidency of John Adams. Even before the proclamation of independence, John Adams introduced fireworks as an inseparable part of the festivities.

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Celebrating Father's Day

People all over the world have been celebrating Father’s Day for more than 100 years. This event is observed in various countries, however, not at the same dates. For example, North America and the United Kingdom celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June. Would you like to get to know several fascinating recommendations concerning making this holiday the best one for your beloved father? You could show him that he means a lot to you.

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