Does Cannabis Cure Cancer?

Recently cancer has turned into a global pandemic. This disease is surely one of the scariest. According to the estimates of the WHO, 1 out of every 6 deaths happens due to cancer. This terrible disease is known as one that leaves no one indifferent and affects almost every person in its own way.

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Trumpcare vs Obamacare

In the year 2009, the Democratic members of Congress voted for the healthcare reform. Afterwards, in 2010 midterm elections, the passing of the Affordable Care Act cost the Democrats their control in the government. The Republicans fiercely outraged against the Affordable Care Act and voted against it. In particular, nineteen pro-Republican states shunned the offer of federal funding to extend the Medicaid coverage. In January 2017, the new US President Donald Trump signed one of his first acts that spurned Obamacare.

What Are the Benefits of Obamacare?

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