Terms and Conditions

Submitting a Refund Application

  1. If you use any products or services provided by Place-4-Papers.com you are eligible to apply for a refund provided you submit your request within 2 weeks or 14 days of your order deadline expiring. These time restrictions are not applicable if your request concerns a plagiarism-related issue. However, you will need to provide Place-4-Papers.com with a valid plagiarism report to show our company is at fault.

Please take note: The plagiarism reports from some checking services are deemed reliable while others are not. For example, some types of content are not considered to be plagiarism e.g. direct quotes, references, tables or list of content, and assignment questions. Consequently, the Turnitin.com detection system along with some partner services such as the iThenticate system and the WriteCheck system provide credible proof of plagiarism while reports from SafeAssign are not acceptable. Similarly, any notes a customer writes by hand suggesting a text is plagiarized are not acceptable.

  1. Place-4-Papers.com is sometimes asked to complete papers that are already partly written. It is important to note we only run authenticity tests on the sections our company writes and cannot, therefore, be held to account for plagiarism in any part completed by you.
  2. In the event a customer expresses dissatisfaction with a product or service, the circumstances are carefully investigated by our Refunds Department and reported on in 3-4 business days at most. Part or full refunds are offered where dissatisfaction is considered justified.


  1. We will revise your papers at no extra cost for up to 2 days (48 hours) after your order deadline has expired. After this, we will need an additional order if you require revisions. However, should one of our writers offer to revise your paper for no extra payment, Place-4-Papers.com will not be able to refund you at a later date.
  2. Free revisions are available for up to 30 days past expiry date on orders of 20+ pages.
  3. If you change the instructions from those you originally provided, we cannot offer you a free revision. Additionally, if important materials and/or information are not provided before an order has been completed or until work has commenced, we will request an additional order to reimburse our writer.
  4. You will need to decide on a new timeframe for completing revisions, and send this with your instructions. On some occasions, revision can take 24 hours to turnaround if, for example, we find it difficult to find a writer to reassign the work to or if the instructions are particularly complex. We will do our best, however, to return your paper in the specified time.
  5. We recommend you monitor your Place-4-Papers.com account page and your email messages in case your writer or our support team or administrators try to contact you. Although it is unfortunate, customers sometimes neglect to send crucial order information and/or materials with initial orders. However, it is your responsibility to let us have full details and all necessary materials when you place your order or if your writer asks for clarification or additional materials.
  6. You may extend our standard revision period from 2 to 14 days if you so desire. This service is available for just thirty percent of the cost of your order and is non-refundable if you do not use it. Please remember, however, that your revision requirements should match the instructions you originally provide.

A Full Refund

Place-4-Papers.com may offer you a 100% (full) refund in the following situations:

  1. Place-4-Papers.com charges you an incorrect amount, e.g., too much or you erroneously order the same product/service twice. Our support team will happily cancel any surplus order if you immediately advise us of the circumstances.
  2. We do not or cannot find a writer for your order.
  3. If you receive a full (100%) refund, you should discontinue using any order-related papers and/or materials Place-4-Papers.com has already provided you with.

A Partial Refund

Place-4-Papers.com may offer you a partial refund in the following situations:

  1. The order you place is the wrong size e.g. six pages instead of ten. We will work out a refund amount according to the number of words you actually require.
  2. The academic level of writing you choose is incorrect, e.g., you order a High School essay when you meant to order a University-level essay. In these situations, we will work out a suitable refund amount.
  3. You provide contradicting instructions/comments, e.g., the description you provide does not correspond with the materials you submit. In these situations, we will work out a suitable refund amount.
  4. Cancelling your order:
     Refund percentage   Passed deadline
     100%   10% - 19% of lapsed deadline
     90%   20% – 29% of lapsed deadline
     80%   30% - 39% of lapsed deadline
     70%   40% - 49% of lapsed deadline
     60%   50% - 59% of lapsed deadline
     50%   60% (and over) of lapsed deadline

Please take note: You cannot cancel your order if:

  • The initial deadline has 30% remaining
  • We have assigned a writer.

Additionally, if a writer has already uploaded a complete paper, the order cannot be cancelled.

Late Verification

Members of our company’s Finance Department regularly ask customers to verify their orders i.e. to provide proof of identity to combat the various types of fraud that occur online. Consequently, the deadline for order completion begins from the moment we get respective clarifications. If a customer is late responding to our verification requests, they can ask to extend an initial deadline or submit a fresh order.

Word Count Issues

  1. We work out the size of an order page on the basis of the number of words (300 words per page) and not on the page’s appearance. However, we make an exception in the case of technical papers, which are priced on complexity rather than size owing to their high calculation content.
  2. What We Offer with PowerPoint Presentations. Where customers require Speaker notes, our writers will add 100-150 words to each presentation slide. An additional payment applies for this option.
  3. The cost of online or web-based tests, including tests with multi-choice questions, is worked out according to the total number of test questions a customer requires and on the principle that each page contains 5 questions. So, for example, a 10-question assignment equals a 2-page order.


  1. While we can accommodate customers who require early delivery, our company will need a new order by way of compensation. However, should one of our writers offer to complete a paper before the originally agreed deadline for no extra payment, Place-4-Papers.com will not be able to offer you a refund at a later date. 
  2. If we do not deliver your order until past the specified deadline without agreeing this with you in advance, you will be offered at the very minimum some percentage refund.

Order Type

  1. For the sake of expediency, it is important you select the right type of assignment. 
  2. Our rewriting service means we will paraphrase or reword any text you provide. Only where new or extra work is involved will an additional compensation order be required.
  3. Please check your messaging channels frequently in case of any important correspondence/inquiries from our agents.

All tips are non-refundable

The payment for custom writing/editing/proofreading/rewriting/formatting may be refunded only. Tips cannot substitute an additional or compensation order.