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Essay writing is an integral part of academic life. Even if you do not intend to acquire a degree in linguistics, each freshman is always surprised at the number of essays they have to produce over a short period of time. Despite the fact that the regular writing process enhances your creativity, as well as critical thinking skills, some students cannot stand the academic pressure of incessant compositions. Written assignments’ “martyrs” dream to have a rest or at least to start coping with those tasks faster and more efficiently. They frequently think, “Can someone revise my paper to let me distinguish my major mistakes?” No wonder they seek professional assistance, as the help of their fellow students can get even more puzzling.

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The paper proposal development, central theme interpretation, and strong arguments’ exploration are among the common writing challenges young researchers face. Besides the inability to comprehend how the focal points of the essay must be crafted, students may need help with the specific formatting and complex outlining. While they still endeavor to produce those papers on their own, step-by-step revision can make a difference, and only experts know how to polish your essay diligently.

How can you Define the “Revision” Itself?

If to reveal a literal meaning of “revision”, it is defined as “to see again”. However, seeing again in this creative context implies that you should delve into the work more deeply, savor its every detail, and what seems to be dull and half-baked should be made interesting and complete. A professional reviser immerses in the rethinking of your work if it needs radical transformations or scrutinizes it from a fresh perspective, only correcting the possible grammar and punctuation mistakes, when it needs minor changes.

Revision is more Complex than Proofreading

Unlike proofreading, revision can even change or add focal points and main purposes, alter or reconsider arguments, check your evidence, reorganize the essays’ structure, as well as make the whole creation more readable. Your composition needs urgent revision if it was easy to predict your outcomes if your ideas are outdated and irrelevant, if your thesis statement is weak, and your paper structure is incoherent. While proofreading is aimed at checking grammar and spelling, revision can be compared to a fundamental “restoration” of the carcass of your work.

Do I need to revise my paper if I already substituted weak words with strong phrases?

Paraphrasing is only a minor part of editing. You will not make your whole points strong and coherent if you simply use flowery language. You need to frame the meaningful context in your written piece. Rephrasing without rethinking can only make things worse.

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What Essential Things can Revision Teach me?

The initial writing stage may seem to be inspiring, but it does not always generate the best ideas. Even if your aims and arguments are found, it is almost impossible to express them logically and properly at the beginning. In fact, revision is significant even for professional writers. Upon revising your first draft, you can discern:

  • whether all your points are relevant;
  • whether you covered all the necessary evidence;
  • whether it is comprehensible to your target audience.

How can You Prove Your Competence to Revise My Essay?

Our writing agency also represents a well-regarded essay revision service that has helped numerous clients of multifarious academic levels. Students like you have addressed with multifaceted requests along with such simple messages as “Could your expert revise my paper?”. You will stop doubting our professional abilities after your first revision order is completed. The agility of our specialized minds cannot be overestimated.

What are the Constituents of Professional Revision?

Some students take the unnecessary risk by revising their compositions poorly on their own or turning in unrevised essays. Often, such an inconsiderate deed results in mediocre or low grades.

You can try to imitate experts by revising a paper yourself. Then, the following revision elements have to be memorized:

  • Structure. A text full of brilliant ideas but with a distorted structure – reminds of avantgarde prose (only add some highfalutin figurative language). It is a pity when your efforts are wasted only because your ideas’ organization is vague, full of rambling sentences. A diligent reviser knows how to create an equilibrium between your marvelous points of view and their proper arrangement in the text.
  • Format. Formatting also belongs to an integral structural element. When your essay is thoroughly formatted, it sticks to the required academic writing standards. As a consequence, your mentioned quotes, in-text citations, and references reflect an impeccable format.
  • Layout. It echoes the initial outline of the paper, helping you not to lose the important points. Professional revisers check your layout to make sure that every page corresponds to the obligatory framework of your work.
  • Grammar. Even if your ideas and discoveries are pioneering, they will be poorly readable due to grammar mistakes. This revision part is interrelated with proofreading, as it focuses on correcting typos, spelling errors, misused punctuation, erroneous sentence structures, and even illogical word choice.
  • Bibliography. The errors in the Works Cited section may even lead to unintentional plagiarism. The editors check whether you formatted your references accordingly, as well as replace the unclear sources with the relevant academic material.
  • Content. The alterations of your content may encompass minor corrections, such as making your thesis statement a more vivid one. However, at times, a more complex revision entails significant remakes even of lengthy paragraphs or whole chapters. Keep in mind, if your essay needs to be fully rewritten, it is better to order a new written work.
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Who will Revise my Paper?

For an inexperienced eye, it seems that there is a variety of high-quality revision services online. However, if you explore the available sham and genuine experts more scrupulously, you will understand that is an impeccable alternative. When you place an order, it is connected to the expert in the explicit degree you are going to obtain. What is more important, while we hire professional writers who may be incredibly fluent foreigners, we never hire foreign revisers, as this job can be flawlessly accomplished only by native speakers who can make any work polished and contextually seamless. No matter your revision purpose, be it a short Liberal Arts essay or a sophisticated quantum physics’ project, we will find your perfect editor and proofreader who corresponds to your major’s needs. Indeed, we readily accept any compositional challenges, from a 3-page essay to a 100-page thesis.

Unequivocal Advantages Our Essay Revision Service Offers

While our writers and editors’ experience, knowledge, and degrees speak for themselves, our trustworthy writing and revision company embodies the following customer-centric benefits:

  • Every client is allowed to communicate with the assigned reviser directly.
  • Our Customer Care team works around the clock to be available despite your time zone.
  • Every order remains anonymous.
  • We meet even urgent deadlines.
  • We guarantee partial and total refunds in case of revision inconsistencies.

We Personify Your Opportunity to Become a Better Writer

If you have found us, it means that you are standing before a wonderful opportunity to improve your grades and your writing skills with the help of professional revisers who possess Masters and Ph.D. degrees. Even if your assignments reflect the highest academic level, we have a decent scholarly reviser for your purpose! Do not hesitate and leave us a short message, “Can someone revise my paper?” The response of is never an ambiguous one when it concerns a creative effort. We will instantly reply, “Yes, we can revise any written composition!”

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When Pros Come into Play

If you took all our benefits into account and made up your mind about the revision order, then, probably, you are writing to us now, “I need a specialist to revise my paper”. So, let us disclose the major steps of the revision process our experts are involved in.

  • Reading through the initial work. You cannot revise a paper, not knowing about its strengths and weaknesses. Our experts never skip the “acquaintance with the piece” stage, as it helps them evaluate the complexity of your composition, its key ideas, along with most and less obvious mistakes. Your thesis should be reflected more extensively in your conclusion. If there are inconsistencies, your assigned editor is responsible for the contextual adjustments. The identification of your central purposes helps our experts generate or add exhaustive arguments or comparisons, which depends on your essay type.
  • Evaluating your evidence. revisers scrutinize your evidence and try to correlate it with your thesis to determine whether your supporting points are pertinent. If there is not enough evidence in the general body of your text, they delve into additional researches if you allow it to do it.
  • Identifying the appropriateness of citations. Our editors pay attention not only to the citations’ formatting but also to the relevant usage of quoted parts. Sometimes, the citations you used do not fit the context. Hence, eagle-eyed revisers do not simply cut such quotes out, but they substitute them with relevant ones.
  • Eradicating ambiguous sentences. If your written work has nothing to do with pun and any figurative language, vague sentences will unlikely make sense. The unifying particularity of research papers is contextual clarity, as you know what you explore, why you do it, and how you achieve the end result. Besides checking grammar, punctuation, and spelling, our revising team makes sure that ambiguity is not present in your text.

Once you visit and write us a message, “Could you please revise my essay?”, we will reveal even more perks of an exquisite customized revision!

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