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It can be complicated to find a competent IB extended essay writing service on the Internet if you do not know where to start searching. Place-4-Papers.com represents a team of highly educated writers who dedicate their time and the required knowledge to write this important academic essay.

The successful completion of the IB extended essay directly affects the general result of your diploma. Of course, as a striving student, you want to receive an excellent mark. Otherwise, what is your purpose in studying?  It is not only about fun, meeting new people, and diving into diversity, it is primarily about the quality of your education.

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IB Diploma stands for International Baccalaureate  Diploma. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is an educational programme primarily aimed at 16-to-19-year-olds. The programme provides an internationally accepted qualification for entry into higher education and is recognized by many universities worldwide. There are three main requirements a student must fulfill in order to get an IB diploma: Extended essay (EE), Theory of knowledge (TOK), Creativity, activity, service (CAS).

It sounds serious, doesn’t it? That is why we understand your fears to fail such a responsible task. In most cases, you will not have a second chance to rewrite your IB Extended Essay. Moreover, we are sure that you already gained precious knowledge and you will definitely become a professional in the nearest future. However, student frustration and perpetual overload can hinder you from fulfilling this highly significant task without flaws. You may carry out a flabbergasting investigation, but you may fail to follow all the major structural elements. You may produce your work, strictly adhering to formatting requirements, but you may fail to indicate all the critical ideas that your topic must reveal. On the contrary, addressing a professional writer will make you feel as if a great weight had been lifted from your shoulders.

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The IB extended essay writing service we offer is an intellectual panacea for students. Our writers are scholars with a slightly different mindset – that is why they are willing to write such complicated essays for you. We are aware of the injustice of the educational system – some students grind away at their studies but they do not achieve the best results, while others do not even study hard but their grades are almost always excellent. We are here to eradicate this unfairness by accepting any writing challenges.

The Constituents of IB Extended Essay

The International Baccalaureate essay embodies an independent investigation that ponders on particular research questions and reveals the personal interests of a student. This is partly an essay of self-education as you have to present something that goes beyond your syllabus. Though the topic you research is individualized, it is related to your DP subjects. The process of the extended essay writing entails:

  1. Gaining practical experience, which predetermines your undergraduate research;
  2. Learning to come up with the most topical research question;
  3. Investigation of the topic by dint of personalized approaches;
  4. Expressing your ideas coherently;
  5. Creating strong arguments;
  6. The in-depth analysis of the material and the evaluation of one’s knowledge.

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The importance of this work is also revealed in the fact that it helps you gain valuable skills that will be useful for creating your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree dissertation. The IB essay is usually written throughout the academic year, which entails meticulous work. Despite regularly seeing your supervisor, who gives helpful tips, you will be allowed to hand in only one draft before submitting the final version. Somehow, many students fail to find out beforehand how long is the IB extended essay must be. Keep in mind, it should not exceed 4000 words unless the instructions are different in your case. There is a scholarly recommendation to include a succinct interview with your supervisor at the end of this work. It will conclude your findings and show your progress. The specific name of this interview is viva voce.

IB Extended Essay Writing Service Meets

After realizing the main aspects of how to write an extended essay, you may ask yourself, “Why do I need the IB extended essay writing service if it involves scrupulous cooperation with my instructor?” With our assistance, it will be easier to follow all the required steps. Before consulting with your teacher, let us our writers improve the work you have already done. Judging by our own experience, all the young people who order IB extended essay help do not follow the rules indicated in the IB extended essay guide. Besides, you have to rest assured that we will provide you with an abundance of drafts and revisions your supervisor can choose from.

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Individually Chosen Writer

We never underestimate the responsibility of this task. We are worried about your positive result, so we dedicate extra time to choosing a writer who will specifically adhere to your needs. This will be an expert in your topic area. He will be assigned to you personally. Your communication with the personalized writer will be strictly private. You can choose any convenient means of contacting your expert. You can discuss the progress of your essay via email as well as the messenger you select. The priority of choosing a writer individually is beneficial. Your work will be fluent and meaningful. However, it will be tailored in such a way that it will still reflect your “voice” as if it was written by an advanced version of yourself.

Cooperation between Our Employees is Outstanding

We would like to focus on the fact that despite being a large academic writing provider, we have a separate department that is responsible strictly for IB extended essay writing service. Our major difference from our competitors is that we perfectly cooperate between the primary writing department, editing and proofreading department, customer care service, and revision department.

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  • Free title page
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We Guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support
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  • Confidentiality
  • No hidden charges
  • Works are never resold
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Paper Format
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  • 1 inch margins
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When you Buy IB Extended Essay Help from Place-4-Papers.com, You Get:

  1. Original written work checked for plagiarism via several advanced authenticity detectors;
  2. Immaculate essay free of typos, grammar, stylistic, and formatting mistakes;
  3. The strict abidance by the rules indicated in your IB extended essay guidelines;
  4. Impeccable arrangement of bibliography;
  5. Around-the-clock communication with support;
  6. Personal data protection. Your educational establishment will never find out that you addressed us.

Final Tips to Start Your IB Extended Essay Successfully

  1. Select the subject related to your Diploma Programme. Ponder on the one that reflects your preferences.
  1. Thoroughly read the Extended Essay guide as well as the appraisal criteria.
  1. Implement the Researcher’s Reflective Space as your essential tool for reflection and planning the investigation.
  1. Scan a variety of topics before choosing the one that embodies your knowledge and interest.
  1. Outline several research questions before selecting the most appropriate one.
  1. Start collecting resources and writing down the most valuable details.
  1. Get acquainted with the required academic referencing system according to the IB standards.
  1. Mind the internal EE deadlines as well as create your own time limits for producing the final draft.
  1. Come up with the preliminary essay structure. It will help you organize your ideas despite the fact that the flow of your thoughts may change in the process of essay creation.
  1. Dedicate the significant time to the research itself. After you collected the required data and sources, arrange the material logically. All the main points of your essay must reflect elaboration on your research question. It is advisable to collect as much evidence as possible. Get ready to revise your research plan even after the fulfillment of the main aspects of the IB extended essay. The structure of such complicated works tends to alter as you may suddenly discover new relatable sources.
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Even exhaustively explicated guidelines may not help a frustrated student to write his perfect essay at such a high level. Therefore, the most reasonable choice you can make is to buy IB extended essay assistance from Place-4-Papers.com academic connoisseurs!

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