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A well-written motivation letter is a document that includes your personalized story with a sincere presentation of you as a unique personality who needs to take an opportunity and become a student.

A special type of letter sent to universities to demonstrate motivation is supposed to be brilliant. When you want to apply for a scholarship program or become a student of a highly competitive school, you have to make an effort and achieve what you want. An effective letter covers all the details about a student in a bright and passionate manner. Send a letter only if you are sure it is written nicely and professionally edited because you cannot fail an application process due to some slips. And if you have doubts about writing a motivation letter, ask for help from our motivation letter writing service at

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The goal of any motivation letter is to prove to the admission board that you are interested in the chosen program and education institution to which you apply. You are supposed to ground motivation on your personal experience. In other words, you are asked to describe your long way to this decision. Even though it is a short piece of writing, it can be the difference-maker that will determine whether you will be accepted or rejected. It is especially true for top universities with high application standards.

For many applicants, writing a motivation letter is a challenging task. A few have at least a vague understanding of how it should look like and what information should be included in it. Different types of cover letters add to the confusion. You should know what you are expected to submit without wasting your time writing something else by mistake.

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Cover Letter or Motivation Letter, Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose?

In most general terms, cover letter, motivation letter, personal statement, and statement of purpose are synonymous terms used interchangeably. However, a difference still exists.

First, cover letters are developed by job applicants and are submitted to the employer together with a resume and other documents proving their expertise. Second, the motivation letter is submitted by enrollees striving to enter a college or university. Third, the statement of purpose is simply a fancier term for a motivation letter. Universities and HR specialists can choose one of the two based on personal preferences.

Fourth, at times, a university or HR might ask you to provide a personal statement letter. This letter is somewhat different from a motivation letter. The two are not to be confused! The difference is in the length of the assignment and its intention. On the one hand, a personal statement focuses on your experience and description of past events. On the other hand, motivation letters draw on personal elements to develop plans for the future. In other words, a motivation letter uses your history to prove you can cope with the goals you set for the future.

Why do you give details about yourself? You are expected to prove to the admission committee that you are the best candidate, and they can benefit from your participation. Keep that rule in mind while writing a motivation letter because it is a crucial factor in their choice. It is challenging to convince people you do not personally know that you deserve to be accepted. You should try your best. Lacking persuasiveness, your letter will not win you a chance to study at the university even if you have outstanding grades, astonishing accomplishments, and strong inner motivation.

Do not sound flat and boring, as your appeal may dissolve in inadequate writing. At the same time, do not sound irrelevantly personal. There is no need for excessive details about yourself; instead, focus on your strong points, intellectual capacities, and reasons why you are the one. You can ask our experts to “write my motivation letter.” They always have a great strategy for effective writing. A motivation letter writer can arrange the main concepts, think about the layout, consider the structure, and then plan the fine-tuning.

Include all important thoughts on the reasons why you have chosen a specific degree and what qualities you may bring to a specific university or a program. Try to use all of those ideas in the first draft to work on them later. When you buy motivation letter, you can send a writer to work on your draft and improve it, or to craft a paper from scratch.

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If you start searching online, you will see quite a few samples of motivation letters; however, the essential thing for you is to adhere to the following rules.

  • Avoid repetitions. If you have already mentioned some information in your CV, do not repeat it in your motivation letter. If you were a representative of an admission committee, would you be impressed by tiresome and repetitive texts? Try to be creative and bold, not boring.
  • Follow the specifics of a particular university. Focus on certain interests and capabilities in accordance with the priorities of your desired educational establishment. Study the university programs and mention how you will benefit from them and how your motivation suits those courses. Generally, each university presents all the requirements online so that the candidates can check whether their qualifications are needed. These requirements are a great motivation letter writing help.
  • Make an introduction impressive. Mind that the beginning of the letter brings the most attention. Reading through it, the admission committee will decide whether they should put your motivation letter aside or continue reading. It is a gross blunder to use clichés as they will not make you sound engaging.
  • Avoid mentioning too many points. Understandably, you want to present as many of your assets as possible. However, be reasonable. By including excessive information in the motivation letter, you will make a mess and confuse the readers. Saying a lot will not make the committee like you more. Instead, you may look as if you are either desperate or willing to boast.
  • Share some personal details. Your feelings and interests should correlate with the chosen program; otherwise, no one will benefit from your participation. Think of how to manifest your attitudes and feelings through some engaging story to help the committee get an insight into your genuine motivation.
  • Sound positive, but do not overdo. Making jokes and sounding humorous can be both your winning and losing point. You cannot predict what will make the committee smile. Your motivation letter can fail because the things you consider funny may not be understood adequately. It is great if you are on the same wavelength as the admission officers, but what if you are not? Thus, keep being positive, but do not use humor too much. Do not risk getting away from your dream university.
  • Give answers to all questions. Do not omit any of the questions. If the university draws your attention to a certain aspect, it is worth considering. Keep in mind that you have to double-check if you have addressed all the issues.
  • Do not leave your motivation letter too late. Writing a personal statement when you have to submit it already is the wrong approach. Work on several drafts and make sure that your personality is seen in the text. You cannot write a perfect motivation letter if you spend only a few hours writing it. It is likely that you will forget to include important things and fail to make them consistent. We recommend taking a month to consider all the aspects, identify all the goals, and present everything in writing!
  • Get back to writing a few days later. Complete your draft and take a one-day break before you continue working on the letter. You will look at it from a different perspective if you step away from it for a while.
  • Do not forget to do sufficient editing and proofreading of your motivation letter. Consistency and accuracy are your priorities. Check if all the facts you have mentioned are correct. Make sure that all the ideas are original and your tone is positive but professional.
  • Proofreading should be a must. If you think you can miss some of the punctuation, spelling, or grammar mistakes, ask somebody whose opinion is valuable for you to proofread your motivation letter. Take their feedback with respect, but do not make all the corrections blindly. It will be a mistake to lose yourself and present your motivation in somebody else’s voice. However, follow the advice of experts regarding grammar mistakes, sentence inaccuracies, and improper choice of vocabulary. When someone takes a look at your motivation letter, they can tell you the things you even do not expect. You can improve it a lot owing to that.
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