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Recent statistics indicate that companies invite for an interview 4 out of 6 applicants, yet only one job interview turns out to be successful. Whether you have to write an interview essay as a part of a job application or as a homework assignment, it has to be original and meet the standards in order to attract the reader’s attention. You can buy interview essay online if you want a professional to fill out such sections as career goals and growth opportunities, remuneration, work-life balance, etc.

In this article, you will learn about the most common types of interviews and their basic components. If you are still perplexed because you are not sure about the interview questions, you can always order interview writing help at

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Writing Interview Essays: Where to Start?

Writing a powerful interview requires choosing an interesting topic. Quite often, instructors leave the choice up to students. The choice might be a little tricky because interview essays are not like other papers students write – the subject here is the person you will be interviewing. So, first of all, a writer has to choose a successful topic for their paper. Then, it is necessary to conduct research on the topic and find a person with relevant experience so that he/she could share their insight and perspective. The easiest way you can go is to choose an expert in the field. If your essay has to be a narration, the choice of an interviewee is not decisive. Nevertheless, you have to keep the target person in mind when designing the questions and the proposal for the interview because if the interviewees are not interested, they might turn down your invitation for the interview. Of course, if the instructor allows interviewing family members, the assignment becomes much easier. After all, your grandpa or aunt is unlikely to say ‘no’ to your interview request.

Things to Consider Before You Write

Whether you decide to write an interview essay or buy interview essay online, experts recommend focusing your pre-writing activities on the following things:

  • The topic of the interview
  • The interviewee
  • A draft with questions
  • The format of the future essay (narration, questions-answers, etc.)
  • Date and location

Feel free to take a look at interview samples to get a model and be prepared for writing one yourself:

Writing an Effective Interview Essay: 9-Step Guide

Our writing experts have assembled a short list of easy tips learners can follow to ensure their interviews are top of the class:

  1. Select a topic from the sphere of interest. You need this to a) enjoy the interview and the process of writing; b) understand what you are talking about when you ask your interlocutor a question. Not knowing the subject can be really embarrassing.
  2. Do research on the topic. This will simplify both the interview and the writing process.
  3. Prepare interesting and meaningful questions. It is better to come up with more questions than you think you might need – this will save you from awkward silence if the interviewee turns out to be laconic.
  4. Negotiate a date and place that are comfortable for your interviewee and for you. Don’t forget to mention the approximate duration of the interview.
  5. Write down the answers or use a recorder on your cellphone.
  6. Create an outline before getting down to writing the first draft.
  7. Analyze the lessons learned and insights.
  8. Proofread the paper and edit it.
  9. If you want the process to go without a hitch, delegate it to a professional interview essay writing service. Just say ‘write my interview essay’ – and we are on it! With our expert help, your interview assignment will be completed on time.
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Most Common Interview Essay Formats

  1. Narrative essays are the most popular interview format in colleges and universities. There are two scenarios you can follow to complete the assignment: either describe the interview and the new knowledge you gained in a narrative form or organize the questions-answers into an essay. In both cases, a writer should create a strong and compelling introduction starting with a hook, organize the answers in body paragraphs, and finalize by adding a meaningful conclusion. If you have a chance, ask the instructor to specify which format the students are expected to follow.
  2. Leadership essay –  leadership interview essay is your chance to talk to a person whose leadership skills you like. Many students prefer interviewing a business person. However, one of the biggest challenges of this kind of interview is time, which successful leaders usually do not have. During the conversation, be sure to carefully note down everything the person says because you might not have a chance to make a call and clarify something you missed and you do not want to distort the answers. Also, if your future interlocutor is busy, you can arrange a Skype or phone call.
  3. Career Interview Essay – this one is not only interesting but is also very useful because it introduces the learner to the peculiarities of their future career. Make a careful choice of a person you’ll be talking to. Don’t forget to ask them how they found the job, what the job interview was like, inquire into their professional goals and achievements, and other things you might find useful in your future career life. The interviewee is likely to mention interesting facts and statistics, so do not forget to write them down!

No matter which type you choose, make sure the interview essay has a correct structure (introduction, body, and conclusion). Avoid clichés and redundancies, and try to make the interview interesting both for the interviewee and your readers. Alternatively, you can buy an interview essay online and let professionals work on your assignment while you are completing more important or pleasing tasks on your to-do list.

How to turn an interview into a story? The task might be difficult for a novice, but not for a professional. Contact one of the best custom writing services and find out how to create professional interview essays. Hurry up and place an order today to receive your compelling writing as soon as in several hours!

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