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Although only some of us know how to compose both formal and informal letters properly, everyone will have to deal with this task at least several times throughout their lives. Such occasions as ending or changing tenancy, applying for a job or internship, making offers in business all involve writing letters. Needless to say, such letters often play a decisive role, so they should be well-written and treated with all seriousness. Due to this reason, more and more people are looking for a good letter writing service to receive assistance in such cases.

Where to Find a Professional Letter Writing Service?

The striking amount of letter writing services offered online overwhelms the users, and picking a reliable one is often a challenge. Clearly, a part of such companies sell some letter templates or letters of standard forms of poor quality. Thus, finding a reliable writing company is essential, and we are proud to be such a company. We can write a top-quality professional letter of any type that would match the client’s requirements.

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Expert Writers Only

We do not offer the services of mediocre freelance writers who barely know anything about writing a professional letter. We also will not sell you some doubtful letters that can be found online. What we guarantee is that your task will be handled by an expert writer who is a native English speaker and has considerable experience in doing this sort of assignment. The writer will compose a letter according to your instructions, and in the end, you will receive a unique work, tailor-cut personally for you.

Our Guarantees

Our personal letter writing service aims at meeting the requirements of our customers accurately and leaving them happy with the result of our work. With this purpose, we guarantee to do the following:

  • revise your letter as many times as needed;

  • return your money if the work is of poor quality;

  • authentic texts scanned with plagiarism checkers;

  • ensure excellent quality of the paper in terms of style, language, grammar, and punctuation;

  • meet the deadlines;

  • set reasonable prices;

  • ensure anonymity for our clients.

In case the guarantees of our letter writing service reflect your needs, just write to our support team: “write my letter”, and we will start assisting you right away.

We Deal with Different Types of Letter Writing

Among other papers, our smart writing service offers writing the following types of letters:

  • Personal letter – a private message of informal character, often related to a special occasion;

  • Recommendation letter – your professional assessment of your colleague’s or employee’s skills and personal traits;

  • Cover letter – a short formal piece of writing that completes an application;

  • Gratitude letter – a short message expressing gratitude for a certain service or present;

  • Application letter – a letter sent to companies and organizations that you hope to be employed by;

  • Business letter – strictly formal messages related to arrangements of meetings and business deals;

  • Love letter – an intimate letter with a strong emotional message.

In general, all these letters can be subdivided into formal and informal, and we know how to write a letter of any type. Formal letters have a clearly defined structure and rules of composition and require certain language tools that make it sound more official. In addition, formal letters have to be typed obligatorily. In contrast, informal letters can have a free structure and their language can be less strict. Besides, personal letters can be handwritten and be presented in any format.

Formal Letters: Formatting Matters

As a rule, formal letters are printed on a standard A4 paper, and the format is rather conventional. The traditional Times New Roman, 12 pt. will always work well in formal correspondence, and left intended text is a universal solution. Remember to put the greetings and signature in italics. The professionals that can be found in our letter writing service online know how to format your letter correctly.

Address and date

The first line of your formal letter should include your address, and the next one should contain the date of the letter being written. Next, the address of the recipient needs to be typed, as well as his/her full name. In case the letter is to be sent to the address of a company, then this address has to be typed first.


In today’s world of total accessibility of information and data about any company and its employees, the full name of the recipient is easy to find out. If, however, it is unknown for some reason, you should start your letter with the words “To whom it may concern”. After the greeting, put a comma and start your letter from a new paragraph.

End your letter

As a valediction to your letter, you can use the classic “Sincerely”, or the standard “best wishes” or “kind regards”. The latter is more appropriate for the correspondence with someone whom you have met in person before.

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Informal Letters: Free Style

When writing to the people you know well and have close relationships well, you can leave all the formalities aside. Such letters can be written by hand, which is much appreciated nowadays. The salutation can be made in any form, but the warm words like “My dear” are always appropriate. As for the ending phrase, such words as “love”, “hugs”, “waiting forward to see you”, etc. can be used.

For informal letters, any pieces of paper or cards can be used, including colorful paper or sheets with patterns. Your imagination can help to make the letter more appealing and bright, and colorful pens, stickers, and drawings can complete the mood of your message.

Whichever type of letter you are writing, remember that it has to comply with the purpose and style of a particular case. Our letter writing service is always ready to provide top-quality assistance with letter writing or any other kind of written task. Contact us any time of day and night, and we will take your order right away.

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“An absolute understanding of quality, customer-oriented management, and reasonable prices. They offer all possible services any student might need. I have ordered a few papers from them and was satisfied with the quality of the work.”

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