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When students refer to evidence-based practice, they receive new knowledge and skills before practice. Students use evidence-based research as a confirmation of their practical experience. They may use it as an intervention. Experts confirm that nursing evidence-based practice helps students see how the most recent achievements become clinical practice. Contemporary fields of science and technologies collaborate to ensure that healthcare providers can apply the most innovative strategies in their treatment. Yet, it is risky to use theory without practice and evidence that can support knowledge. So, nurses use evidence-based practice to test theoretical knowledge they already have and see how new strategies work through interventions and practical applications.

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Writing an evidence-based paper is a complicated issue. This assignment requires a lot of research and experiment. Its preparation may also take time and effort.

What is EBP?

Nursing evidence-based practice (EBP) is a healthcare approach that nurses or students use to check the theory in practice. All the stages of the research are controlled. The outcomes of the practical application of a new strategy help deliver safe healthcare and reduce treatment costs. EBP aims to ensure that the offered strategy is safe and effective. Nurses also have to see that a change can help improve care at any level of performance.

EBP is a new field of research that gains its popularity. Still, this is a good opportunity for nurses and nursing students. They can see how a treatment strategy or health management approach works. Florence Nightingale was a pioneer in practice. Her attempts to apply observation and analysis for care improvement were the first cases of EBP.

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The Meaning of EBP for Nurses

EBP is an opportunity for nurses to implement change in healthcare practice and improve care. Nurses face many issues in their practice every day. They also have some efficient solutions to offer. Still, they cannot apply the offered solutions until they are sure of their effective work. In using nursing evidence-based practice as a means to implement change, nurses have to observe the problem in more detail to ensure that the issue exists. Also, they have to develop the research question and a new strategy that can help resolve the issue. Finally, nurses need to initiate the study where they apply a change as an intervention. When the results are evident, they may see whether the strategy was effective or not. If the EBP has confirmed the effectiveness of an intervention, nurses may offer to implement the practice in their working place. This process is complex and time-consuming. Nevertheless, the result is worth it.

EBP is a connection between medical research and practical experience. The following connection is the best and most suitable option. Nurses have an opportunity to test their hypotheses. Besides, scholars and scientists may offer their interventions to improve the quality of care delivered. Even if the strategy seems easy to implement and lacks issues, there are many barriers on the way to adopting the nursing evidence-based practice. The barriers to practice are numerous and should not be a focus of this paper. It is more important to understand how to address those barriers. The major solutions to EBP issues are primary research (new data is discovered), a systematic review of the already existing knowledge (it concerns the analysis of other EBP projects), implementation of evidence into practice, and evaluation of how a change may improve the quality of care.

EBP is a time-consuming and difficult process. Often, the practical application of an idea is not the final stage of the project. Each EBP requires thorough writing. The authorities never consider any EBP project if the initiator fails to document all its stages and problematic issues. The completion of an evidence-based nursing project requires substantial and thorough academic writing.

Many nursing students are deeply involved in a practice that they may forget about writing as an important stage of the EBP process. If you are looking for a trusted custom writing company that may assist you in composing your EBP, we are at your disposal. Contact our customer support agents at, and our sophisticated and qualified experts write your premium-class EBP project within the shortest period.

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